Nursing Research Paper on the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act


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The Affordable Care Act was conceptualized and incorporated as part of law on the 23rd of March, 2010 (Moini, 2017). Signed into law by the former President Barrack Obama, Affordable Care Act was intended to provide patients with a range of health-related services whilst reforming the health care system. Dubbed as the ObamaCare, the Affordable Care Act provides the Americans with an extensive stellar health security by putting in place an array of comprehensive insurance reforms (In Thompson, 2015).

The Affordable Care Act contains a set of rules that provide strict guidelines to insurance companies, health institutions and other healthcare related business organizations (In Thompson, 2015). Today, a vast majority of patients with pre-existing health conditions enjoy an expansive health care coverage offered by a plethora of insurance companies. Furthermore, millions of American patients are at liberty to choose their most preferred health insurance options by accessing online health insurance marketplaces known as exchanges (Moini, 2017).

In spite improved the healthcare system in America, the Affordable Care Act has been reported to display a few limitations. For starters, the all Americans are required to purchase health insurance plans or be at risk of paying penalty taxes. According to financial reports, approximately $3 billion were collected as penalty taxes that were charged to millions of the American citizens who failed to purchase the health insurance plan (Amadeo, 2015)

Some of the Americans are not insured due to reasons such; as low income and expensive premium costs. In order for the uninsured to gain an exemption from being tax fined, they need to legally file for an exemption from purchasing insurance plans (Amadeo, 2015).


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