Nursing Research Paper on Lifelong Learning in Nursing

The Concept of Lifelong Learning in Nursing

Nursing is a profession that requires practitioners to respect and serve humanity in all ways possible to improve their health and save their lives. Therefore, it is important for the nurses to practice and attain lifelong learning so that they can be in a position to serve humanity in their places of work and even outside when they retire from their professions. Lifelong learning involves equipping the nurses with formal and informal learning opportunities to better serve humanity and continuously improve their knowledge and skills which is needed for both employment and personal fulfillment. When the nurses are being trained, they are equipped with relevant knowledge that they can apply in their profession and they also acquire substantial experience during their profession, which in important in improving their skills in serving humanity for the rest of their life.

The concept of lifelong in nursing involves the process acquiring of knowledge and improving of skills for the nurse practitioners through the activities they undertake throughout their lives to improve their competence in their area of practice. The nurses acquire improved proficiency from all aspects of personal, social and civil related realms, through lifelong learning. Thus, it is the process of acquiring and renewing the aptitudes and interests as well as credentials from the lowest level of learning to post-retirement.

Nurses learn throughout their lives by valuing all forms of learning such as formal lessons and vocational training and the experience acquired throughout their practice. In addition, nurses create a learning culture, where they learn from each other, within the codes of ethics that govern their profession as they strive for success and saving lives. Lifelong learning in nursing, therefore, involves all the training and skills acquired in a person’s life to improve their competence in their area of work and post-retirement.