Nursing Homework Paper on Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Practice

Kleinpell and Goolsby (2006) state that Evidence Based Practice is a process in which questions are raised, critically analyzed, and variable evidence searched to support the findings in the clinical profession. The practice involves deep research and thus the findings are meant to make solutions and decisions that last and are useful to the nursing people. It has also opened up more scientifically reliable information that makes Evidence Based Practice an important element in nursing education.The Evidence Based Practice does not conduct new researches instead, it uses the available scientific findings from multiple types of research to make informed decisions about the type of care for every patient (Grimmer, et al, 2014). This makes the practice more time efficient and reliable and determines the quality of a nurse. To enhance the validity of information acquired from the research, guidelines have been set because the decision made will have an impact on an individual patient.

Evidence Based Practice is a process that is a bit complex due to the procedural steps followed, but it is efficient and ensures the elimination of simple mistakes and thus, provides quality care in accordance with the patients’ need (Grimmer, et al, 2014). The probability of nurses following the Evidence Based Practice completing their tasks is high as compared to the nurses that ignore it. According to Kleinpell and Goolsby (2006), Evidence Based Practice involves critical analysis of a situation; it can, therefore, provide solutions to the many uprising different needs of patients. Since the practice has proven high accuracy to those using it, it should be a compulsory requirement for nursing students when doing their assignments in order to instill the thought and practice of always basing their performance upon it. This will ensure that all nurses or medical officers formulate a habit of critical thinking in their minds before providing any medical care to a patient.




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