Nursing Homework Paper on Concept Analysis

Concept Analysis

A concept analysis is an activity intended to make the learner/specialist familiar as could reasonably be expected with a concept (variable). A concept is typically one or two words that express importance, comprehension, or sentiments between or among people within a system. A few concepts applicable to nursing are caring, nursing, transition, adapting, and child nurturing. A concept analysis is the initial phase in imparting implications, understandings, and emotions (Powers & Knapp, 2006). It consists of several stages but the most important one is the identification and definition of attributes. This is because attributes are the major components that appear when a concept is defined and assist in clarifying it.

An example of a concept to analyze in the nursing profession is transition. There is constrained analysis of the transition from registered nursing to NP. In many cases, amid this transition, there is a movement from an accomplished, expert status to an unpracticed, beginner status, with a resulting misfortune of certainty in one’s capability and ability. This can upset successful improvement and influence job progression within the first year of practice.

A 7-stage Walker and Avant technique for concept analysis– select concept, determine the reason for the study, distinguish the uses, characterize traits, recognize model case, depict related and opposite cases, distinguish precursors and results and characterize exact referents (Walker & Avant, 2010)– can be used to analyze the concept of transition.

The four characteristic traits of NP part transition are assimilation of the part, the movement from healthcare provider to prescriber of consideration, straddling two characters, and blended feelings. Individual and ecological predecessors and results of the concept are distinguished. The advancement of experimental learning on NP part transition through further research is paramount.


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