Nursing Essay Paper on Professional Portfolio

Professional Portfolio

In nursing, professional responsibilities involve ethical and moral duties surrounding the nursing profession. They are obligations that nurses possess to their clients. They include client rights, informed consent, confidentiality and information security, legal practice, and ethical practice.  As a nursing professional, I have to ensure that clients understand their rights. I would ensure that all patients are handled carefully during their care. I would ensure that clients have received sufficient information concerning their treatment, and that they offer information voluntarily. My short-term goals include receiving recommendation letter to proceed to the next level in nursing career, and to pass all exams. I also aspire to achieve the authority to educate patients and their families. My long-term goals would be to continue with higher education to attain the desired position in nursing profession. Joining professional organizations is also my long-term goal.

Professional Organizations to Work For

After gaining a license for nursing practice, I would like to work in Inova hospitals that are based in the State of Virginia. These hospital facilities include Inova Alexandria Hospital in Alexandria (my specialty), and Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children, which is located in Fairfax. The mission for Inova hospitals is “to improve the health of the diverse community we serve through excellence in patient care, education and research” (“What we do/Our Mission,” 2014, n. p). Inova is committed to guarantee high-quality care, which is boosted by numerous professional education programs to enhance medical practice skills, in addition to patient outcomes.

Working in Inova Alexandria Hospital will be of great benefit because I will get a chance to interact with experienced nurses, who will assist in advancing my ambitions. Employees in Inova are always motivated through pleasant working environment that encourages flexibility. The hospital is well-equipped, hence, admits all types of patients. This will allow me to gain experience in working with different apparatus, as well as dealing with numerous health problems.

Meeting My Career Goals in Hospital Environment

Every professional nurse has some goals to meet during his/her career. Joining Inova Alexandria Hospital will enable me to enhance my practice in nursing profession. In role development, the hospital environment allows nurses to work in teams that incorporate both experienced and non-experienced nurses. Working in a team will enable me to learn values, attitudes, and skills necessary to carry on my responsibilities. Teamwork encourages socialization, where each member feels free to ask any question and expect positive answers. According Joel (2013) knowledge and skill achievement is essential in role implementation. As I gain more experience in nursing practice, I would aspire to become a coordinator of care. A care coordinator makes important decisions about patients and usually oversees all plans about patient care. Working in Inova Alexandria Hospital will assist me in seeking higher level of education and attain the utmost position in the nursing profession. This will enable me to become a member of professional organizations, which include the American Nurses Association, among others.

Professional values are fundamental in handling patients. They offer teachings on how to take care of different types of patients. Most nurses are driven by the desire to help others, and they feel contented when their clients recover successfully. I am among the professionals who are driven by altruism, rather than working to earn a living. I have met other nurses who share the same feelings with me, and this will motivate me to work efficiently to meet the demand of the clients. Being a nursing professional in a non-profit making organization will enhance my altruism, and focus on making decisions that would satisfy my clients.

Professional nurses require autonomy in order to work efficiently. Autonomy means being free from supervision or control. Working in a team encourages autonomy, where nurses create conditions necessary for independent choices. My goal is to work independently, as being independent enhance positive thinking and innovation. Autonomy encourages professional nurses to present all treatment alternatives to patients without fear of summon. Respect for autonomy encourages confidentiality and preserving information about clients’ medical condition. When dealing with patients suffering from various illness, human dignity is quite essential. Human dignity will enable me to treat every patient with respect, regardless of whether patients will return such respect or not. Some patients are physically and emotionally disturbed and showing them respect will enhance their recovery.

Nurses usually experience numerous challenges in their career, but competent nurses are able to maintain their integrity. Integrity may arise when patients put nurses in a dilemma in regard to respect to values (Yeo, Moorhouse, Kahn & Rodney, 2010). While undertaking my duties in Inova Alexandria Hospital, I acknowledge that I am vulnerable to challenges that would put my integrity into practice. Being truthful and honest can assist in maintaining integrity. Attending patients and educating their family members is social justice advocacy. Inova Alexandria Hospital will enable me to serve the community, in addition to cultivating good relationship with everyone involve in health care provision. Social justice creates a platform where burdens are shared. The hospital will give me a chance to serve the most vulnerable groups in society.  


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