Nursing Coursework Paper on Developing Evaluation Plan and Disseminating Result

Developing Evaluation Plan and Disseminating Result

Reliability refers to the instance of obtaining the same result using a particular method repeatedly whereas validity refers to the situation of a method or an instrument accurately measuring what it was intended to (Houser, 2012, p. 32). Both reliability and validity of data collection tools are important in qualitative research project and hence must be achieved for distinct reasons. This would ensure that data collection tools used provide accurate figures and analysis that would be consistent with other researches of the same context. At some point in research projects, it may require use of earlier research project’s data to make an analysis of another research of the similar nature, but in a case where the data collection tools do note give accurate and consistent data, it will be inappropriate to replicate such data to other similar projects (Houser, 2012, p. 35). The need to have accurate and consistent data is crucial for ensuring that data collection tools are reliable.

Similarly, in an attempt to ensure accurate reflection or assess to specific targeted concepts of a research project by the researcher, by using validity concept, I would aim to achieve data generalizability, transferability and concept accuracy. Validity in its self must be concerned with ensuring that the researcher manages to obtain accurately what he set out to obtain from the data collection tools (Houser, 2012, p. 37). I would ensure that the collection tools are able to give data that can be used to general a population, particular in a case of sampling research. This would also be important in cases where a researcher intends to use the results of one research to another research of similar context.


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