Misconceptions About Critical Thinking

Misconceptions About Critical Thinking

The mention of the word critical thinking brings a sense of negativity from some quotas. This should never be the case; critical thinking exercise focuses on following systematic procedures or steps to arrive at a logical conclusion. Critical thinking exercise does not fall under any of the following concepts:

It threatens personal opinion or individuality. The purpose of critical thinking or writing is to sharpen one’s objectivity in relation to beliefs help with a particular thought or idea.

Critical thinking exercise is not sensitive to emotions or feelings.

Based on the context and the requirement of a specific situation, it is a requirement to combine critical thinking, feelings, and emotions in order to deliver effectively.

Critical thinking focuses on finding fault. Naturally, there is a tendency to resist anything that goes against our opinion and beliefs. In critical thinking exercise, though questioning the grounds on which an argument is based, we shed more light on the subject and appreciate arguments raised against our point of view.

Critical thinking focuses on persuasion.   Scientifically, it is easy to persuade when you demonstrate a systematic deduction of a conclusion. However, in different texts, appeal to emotions and personal needs works better in persuading people to take action.

Critical thinking focuses on making people think alike. It is possible for people to hold the same opinion in critical thinking, but be different in other aspects of reasoning due to their needs and experiences. Never forget that critical thinking focuses on distinguishing the truth and false.

Critical thinking supports everything that is scientifically based. This is not necessarily the truth. Although there could be a statement that is scientifically proven, the assignment of critical thinking exercise is to weigh its weight in relation to another addressing the same issue. Not all that is scientifically proven is necessarily healthy.