Marketing Sample Essay on Targeting Strategy for a Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Targeting Strategy for a Self Propelled Lawn Mower

A self propelled robotic lawn mower is, for several reasons the most proficient tool for clearing of the compound grass. It has this advantage of being easy to use as it independently carries out the task with minimal usage of much energy by the user who will just control it from a distance using a remote control. To this effect, earns a much more competitive advantage over other artificially made lawn mower.

 The segment to which this tool can be positioned is the elderly and aged individuals. This segment should consist of the middle class and the upper class person of the society who most evidently have established apartments and homesteads. These individuals are either quite busy or do not have much energy to do the daily clean up o of their respective compounds. The segment should also consist of the company owners who would ensure proper environmental cleanup.

In terms of pricing, I would put its price considerably higher than those of the substitute tools. This will allow me create a greater perceptional value to it. And this put it at a stance of superior quality than other. Again the most effective mode of advertisement here would be through television for the elderly and the companies. I would also use the social media platform for the middle class.

The product will be sold in major supermarkets where these persons shops for other things. As for the companies personal selling would be appropriated and hence customized delivery of the tool would be the most efficient way to sell it. Finally on the prospects of getting feedback, a customer care call center would be constituted with a 24 hour operational stance. The sales persons would also be given questionnaires that they would present to their respective clients after sale transaction is done.