Marketing Essay Paper on CoCo2Go (Unprocessed Coconut Oil)

CoCo2Go (Unprocessed Coconut Oil)

Our product is a 3 oz spray of coconut oil to be used for Fresh Breath and Gum Hygiene. We have sought to invest in this particular venture since coconut oil has emerged as the new hype around the country, promising a lot of demand for our product. I have come up the best strategy that our organization will use in developing, marketing and selling the offering. The organization will be able to create a sales plan for defining the potential market since we have a deeper comprehension of our product. We are targeting all women, men and kids, irrespective of their age since our product can be used by both the young and adults in the society.

Through setting the sales goals, we are going to come up with very concrete and measurable units, as well as simplifying them into manageable portions. We are going to sell 200 units to end-users within a month and sell 300 to regional independent retailers within a period of months.  We are going to undertake our sales by selling directly to the consumers through the organization’s website and crafts shows. The selling team has to develop various sell sheets that will be sent to the independent retail outlets. The sell plans will have the targeted accounts and timelines, and for the purposes of final consumers, we are going to reach them through eBay, different classified ads, and the company website.

The firm will commence by selling the directly to the consumers, since this will provide us with confidentiality on the product’s demand and creating contact with customers, for feedbacks on the quality and packaging. The organization will have to a host a home party to share CoCo2Go with friends, as well as friends-of-friends, selling through local social groups and emailing the created network.  Apart from the common brick-and-motor retail outlets, we shall make use of catalogs, Television shopping networks as well as online stores will enable us to conduct online marketing for the product.