Marketing Coursework Essay Sample on Air Wheel Scooper

Air Wheel Scooter

Air wheel are self balancing unicycle products that are portable, environmental friendly, cost effective and are ease to operate. There are different varieties depending on weight and size which suit the different tastes and preferences of customers. Self-balancing air wheel scooper can be used when travelling to office, restaurant when having a meal, nearby shops or even to bus stations. It is very convenient when an individual is covering short distances rather than using a motor vehicle. Motor vehicle pollute environment through emission of smoke which is not the case with air wheel scooter. In addition, it will take less time to reach to the short distances destinations using an air wheel scooter than a motor vehicle hence saving on both time and costs. 

Business Logo for A.W.S. Inco

Business Card for Sales Person

Text Box: A.W.S. Inco.
Name of a Sales Person
Job Title: Sales Person 
Contacts: 312312
Dealers in: Air Wheel Scooters

Product Brochure

Text Box:
A.W.S. INCO.  
A.W.S Inco. Offers variety of cheap and high quality Air Wheel Scooter for both children and adults  Air wheel is an innovative product used as a mean of transport that has adopted aerospace attitude control theory, indistinct software algorithm and gyroscope system which is meant to control it and hence maintaining stability. Maintaining balance when riding is through leaning forward and backward by the rider and also when accelerating or braking the air wheel scooter.  Similarly, riders can either accelerate or decelerate by either inclining forward or backward.  As applied when riding bicycles, riders achieve balance through using technique of slightly tilting sideways.    Welcome To A.W.S Inco. Where air wheel self balancing unicycle are cheap to buy and environmental friendly. Contact Us On: 412324 Or Email us on    

Target market characteristics

Target market consists of groups of people and organizations to whom the company creates a plan to execute its marketing strategies on. Targeted market for the air wheel scooter consists of children, young adult and adults, who either walk, use buses to either go to work or carry out minor shopping. Air wheel scooters are of different seizes and weights and hence meeting all targeted customers’ needs. Air wheel also targets middle and low income earners because they are cheap and affordable to all targeted customers who have low disposable income (Peter, Olson, & Grunert, 2009).

Prospecting method

The prospecting method that would be used by the sales person includes the following; advertising where air wheel scooter products will be advertised online, using the mass media, newspapers and ads. The prospecting method could also be through referrals from the existing customers. This is through possible through the company offering quality products and services. Networking also could play a major role, keeping in touch with former colleagues, attending seminars and interacting with potential customers, cold calls and emails. This will bring about new customers to the business (Peter et al., 2009).

Selling strategy

Air wheel scooter product will be sold on either cash or credit basis based on credit worthiness of the customers. Air wheel product has superior high strength special pedals, folding technology enhancing safety and balancing when ridding. These products do not cause pollution since they do not emit smoke and are also cheap hence saving money for customers. The products also have features which alert the riders to keep them safe, for instance in case of high speed, air wheel will launch long beeps stopping the rider from further acceleration (Rust, Lemon, & Zeithaml, 2006).

Air wheel scooters has proved to be safe to users, cost effective and economically friendly hence recommended to be used in covering short journeys. Air wheel scooters are light in terms of weigh, easily controllable and users friendly. Getting up and down steps are easy since air wheel have in built handles and can be used or removed when necessary. Air wheel can easily and conveniently be used in restaurants, offices, shopping nearby and when travelling to short distance destinations. 


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