Marketing Business Plan on Tri-Forces Solutions Marketing Proposal

Tri-Forces Solutions Marketing Proposal


            Every business organization enters the market with a sole aim of making a profit through the sale of its products or services. This can only be achieved through an elaborate and extensive marketing mechanism within the organization. Marketing is a strategy by a corporation to devise ways that would satisfy the needs or wants of the organization as well as promoting strategic benefits to its customers (Wood, 2010). The basis of marketing strategies should focus on satisfying the customer needs before the production process is streamlined. Here, the phenomenon should be to predict customer wants, then establishing the market for the identified product or service, this is important because the strategy will enable the organization to understand which products or services is required, specific information regarding the product design, branding, pricing, distribution channels, and disposal mechanisms. Coca-Cola is a fine example of an organization that has achieved its prime objectives through an elaborate marketing mechanism (Kotler, 2009). As such, marketing is a vital part of a business organization because it provides business for the organization through creating product awareness to the customers.

            The essential of marketing for a company is to provide vital information about the products and services to the customers (Kotler, 2012). This vital information includes; the nature of the product or service, its significance, and where it can be obtained. Thus, through marketing, customer’s product recognition will enable the company to boost its revenue through increased sales. Therefore, the initial steps in constructing a marketing plan is to identify the customers, the target market, strategies on how the company can reach the target segment and understand what will satisfy the customers. On the other side, competition has necessitated business organizations to constantly develop strategies that will make them more desired in the marketplace (Kotler, 2009). Here, the only possible way of maintaining competitiveness in the market is through performing occasional marketing research. This will provide vital information that is required to develop the innovations that make the organization competitive in the market. Consequently, a marketing proposal is a document that outlines the activities that an organization will undertake within a particular period to ensure that it achieves its objectives (Wood, 2010). This paper is set to develop a marketing proposal for a security firm that wishes to provide its services to a new market.

Organizational overview

            This particular marketing proposal will be developed for the Tri-Force Solutions. This is a service providing company that deals with providing security services to various institutions. Security is an integral part of any corporate success to be achieved. Therefore, this is the major reason the company has decided to venture into the security providing services. In addition, increased global terrorism and burglary has necessitated all business organizations to establish security measures to ensure that their premises are protected from any risk of attack. In this regard, the market for security services is plenty and it would beneficial for the company to explore this opportunity.  The essence of establishing this company is to penetrate the market and become a leader in the security services market. Most of existing security firms in the market have failed to satisfy their client needs.  As such, Tri-Forces Solutions is strategic in achieving a high degree of professionalism through giving the best services. As a result, the mission of the company will be to be a leader in offering trained security experts that will deliver high quality fundamental security needs of our clients. Here, the mission of the firm will be achieved through observing the basic values and philosophies developed by the management. This includes accountability, integrity, transparency, hard work, honesty, and reliability.

            The company will be based in the UAE, but its head office will remain in the United States of America. The location of the firm in the UAE is significant because it is a major business development hub in the world. Most companies and multinational corporations have entered the UAE market or have established affiliations. In this regard, there is a huge need for security services. Similarly, the potential of development activities in the market gives the location a major potential for a security firm. In addition, many locals are interested to be recruited in the security firm to be trained.  The product mix of the organization will be to provide a varied range of security product lines. Besides providing basic security services to institutions, the company will also explore other services like; training security personnel, private investigations, and security sweep that is essential for collections devices.

Product description

            Organizations require security services to operate their premises and protect the company from any unpredictable eventualities. Here, the main role of the security personnel is to ensure that they protect the entrance, respond to fire problems, and screen all customers.  These services can be provided by a contracted company, which sends its personnel to the company premises to deliver these services.  In the case of the Tri-Force Solutions, its products are designed to an extent that it becomes different from other existing firms in the region. Firstly, the service will deal with training, security professional to undertake the major responsibilities of achieving high standards of security within their organizations. Here, interested companies will send their security chief to a training offered by the Tri-Forces Solutions to boost their knowledge, skills, and experience in security matters. This is a kind of job training that is not offered by other security firms in similar business. Secondly, the service will provide contracted security services. Specifically, the firm will present its qualified security guards to be hired by business organizations. Here, the hired guards will be responsible for firefighting within the organizations, operating the entrance for both business organizations and private homes and offering screening services. Thirdly, another important aspect of the product is to provide contracted investigation services. Here, the firm will undertake the responsibility of investigating a specific inquiry by a concerned business organization. This will ensure using its up-to-date technology to unravel the answers for any specific questions. Lastly, the company will provide CCTV services for business organization to reduce theft through responding to any directed incidence almost immediately.

SWOT analysis


            The main strength in this organization is the ability to offer its services in a professional way. Professionalism is a major aspect of the success of security services because it gives the customers a sense of welcome to the entity. Integrity is a basic fundamental philosophy of the organization that determines the conduct of all the security guards. More often than not, most security guards have been involved in acts of burglary in several theft acts; this is because their services are not enshrined in the philosophy of integrity. This is strength for Tri-Forces Solutions, because it will develop its reputation as a well performing company, which is likely to attract more customers for its services. Secondly, its location in the UAE is a major strength because there are various business opportunities in the region. Based on the fact that the region is a leading development hub for many local and international organizations, the future of the services is good. Also, the political stability and economic factors in the region makes the location a conducive atmosphere for security services to thrive.

Strength of the company is its strategic diversification of its products. For example, offering an on the job training for security chiefs for organization is a good strategy to ensure that the company establishes a good contact with the customers. It is obvious that after establishing a good relationship with the organizations the company will be hired to provide security officers. Similarly, a range of products will give the company a competitive advantage from other security firms in the market. Lastly, it is the policy of the firm to use guards with prior experience in the military and law enforcement entities. This is a typical strategy to boost professionalism because its employees have experience and understand their job responsibilities well. Therefore, the quality of the services will be awesome and up to the expectation of the customer needs.


            The major weakness of the security firm is that it is a foreign organization that desires to establish a landmark in the UAE. This is a weakness because the Emiratisation policy requires a substantial number of its managers to be recruited from the locals. This will limit the benefits of obtaining highly trained and experienced security personnel from other countries in the world.  Secondly, the firm has diversified its services to various categories. Although this is a strategy to promote market competitiveness, it poses a serious weakness for the firm. Here, the organization lacks a major product focus and this may result in a situation where the firm does not meet its ultimate goals. In addition, focusing on recruiting persons with past law enforcing or military experience is a weakness because it will limit the number of interested security guards to be recruited into the organization.


            The first opportunity for Tri-Forces Solutions is the growing number of probable clients and customers. Increased development activities in the region provide a pool of various targeted clients for this product. For example, increased construction of schools and hospitals by the UAE government provides bedrock for future customers. Similarly, globalization and internationalization establish a scenario where many multi-national corporations will be interested in opening affiliations in the region thus promoting business.  Secondly, maintaining its head offices in the US is strategic for the survival of the company. Here, most multinational corporations entering the UAE market have their head offices also situated in the same place. As such, it will be easier for the security firm to contract the top management of these international companies. Consequently, based on the fact that they both operate in the UAE, it would be easier and possibly for Tri-Forces Solutions to be contracted to provide services for Multinational corporations in the UAE.

            Another opportunity for the organization is that there is security in the region due to stability in its politics. This will attract many organizations in the area that will require security services. On the other hand, the decision by the federal government of the UAE to diversify its economy from depending on oil provides another opportunity. For example, promoting the hotel and catering industry will require security guards to protect the new premises. The company through its diverse security services in the region will tap this opportunity.


            As the region attracts more organizations and companies in the area, other security firms are attracted as well.  This poses a threat because new firms will enter the market with a more novel and competitive strategy than Tri-Forces Solutions. As such, this will require the company to spend much of its revenue in conducting a market research to ensure that it remains relevant to the customer needs. Secondly, international companies will opt to contract the services of well-known security firms rather than a new entity. This is a threat that can substantially limit business for this particular company. Thirdly, as the UAE continues to diversify its economy, more development opportunities are created. As a result, there will be more employment opportunities for the locals and very few people will be interested in serving as security guards. Similarly, the presence of oil in the region has improved the economic growth of many locals and this will automatically limit the number of recruits willing to serve as security guards. Lastly, the cultural and governmental policies may hinder the realization of the company’s objectives. For example, the recruitment policies like the Emiratisation do not allow the company to recruit the best professionals from across the globe.

Marketing research

Consumer analysis

            The increasing economic development index for the UAE is a clear indication that there are a high number of institutions, organization and business organizations in the region. Secondly, the diverse and cosmopolitan nature of the regions has the potential of attracting many people from diverse cultures in the world. Many internationals that come to the region are moved by the ideals of investing in economic development activities. Another group of people have been attracted to the UAE for tourism purposes and this had prompted an increase in the hotel and accommodation services, therefore, the customers for security services in the UAE have been spread all over the region. For example, there are many development projects in Dubai, but other tourist attraction sites attract development in the interior parts of the region. This particular company has identified specific targets as its customers for the products. These include; a hospital, universities, shopping malls, shopping centers, and gated communities. This implies that the customers for the services will be spread all over the region and they increase every day.  The customer demographics are divided into two major groups as; institutions and private communities. Institutions are the major focus, but the private communities also serve an important demography for increasing the revenues for the firm. The behavior of the customers favors the services of the organizations. This is because, the two demographics consists of customers with a diverse culture. Therefore, there is no major obstruction for the service based on cultural background issues.


            It is important to develop, market segments for our products to ensure that specific customer needs are satisfied properly. This firm has established its major market segments as institutions and private communities. Institutions are the major target segment because it provides a lot of business for the firm. However, private organizations have an important role in developing a good relationship with the locals to improve the positive image of the organization in the region. The criteria that will be used to explore the segments will be through offering in the job training facilities for security personnel. Here, companies existing in the UAE will have an opportunity to extend the experience and competence of its security personnel through these strategic trainings. This will serve as an opportunity to ensure that the firm establishes a landmark presence in the region. Similarly, through the training, the firm will be able to identify what security products or services are required in this particular market.  The second step in the criteria is to provide security services to the market gradually, it is important, to introduce individual product lines at a time because it will give customers a good time to understand the product and also develop the brand name of the company. Once all the product lines have been introduced, the company will continue to explore the customer needs and alter the services accordingly.

Differentiation and positioning

            The firm will have an extensive differentiation and positioning strategy to ensure that it develops a major competitive advantage in the region. Its differentiation strategy will promote a security firm that is perceived by the customers as a company that is owned and managed by disabled veterans and women. This is specific because most security firms have not recognized women or disabled persons into their companies. As such, the customers will identify Tri-Forces Solutions from its unique inclusion of these societal discriminated groups of people. On the positioning, the firm will base its services for professional and integrity to achieve a high level of security needs. This will promote the services of the company because through providing a high level of security needs more clients will be attracted to be contracted for these services.

Stage of the product life cycle

            The introduction of this security service will be spread across two years in the region. The first year will involve undertaking a marketing research about the needs and wants of the customers. This will be achieved through contacting security personnel from existing firms to determine what specific needs are required in the region. Through on job training, the company will strategically understand the nature of the UAE security market and obtain relevant information regarding their product. In the second year, the firm will focus on developing the services in respective on what is required by the customers. Consequently, in the third year of existence, the company will then embark on providing the services to the market segments based on the identified demographics.

Marketing mix

Product/ Service

            The main service for this particular firm is to deliver security solutions to various institutions and private communities. These services include; training of security professionals, general security services like gate operating and screening, fire fighting, CCTV services, and private investigation services. Professional training will involve improving the skills and competence of already existing security personnel. General security services will involve providing the firm has trained security guard to be hired for various business organizations and private entities. Fire fighting is a component that will be included to those security guards to ensure that they provide fire safety to the organizations where they operate. However, in any eventualities, the security guards will act as firefighters for the organization. The services will be offered under the trademark Tri-Forces Solutions and they will be delivered to the clients through contract basis.


            The services will be delivered internationally through its head office in the United States, whereas its affiliate offices in the UAE will be responsible for all local issues. The channel of distribution will be throughout the firm to the security guard and finally to the contracted organization. However, the product will be made available throughout the whole region of the UAE. In addition, the company will be responsible for staffing and transportation of its own guards through the company’s vehicles.


            The pricing strategy for the firm will be sales oriented because it is a new product in the market.  In the sales strategy, the firm will focus on providing its services at a 10% reduced price to the leading security firms in the region. This will ensure that the firm is able to attract more customers to its products whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism and quality of its services. The cost of providing and distributing the service will be met by the revenue from the company in its initial stages. However, overhead costs will be shared between the company and its customers. Further, the company will meet the sales and marketing costs for establishing the product in the new market. The price and quality of the product will be maintained at a constant level throughout the product cycle. Whereas the price will be low at its initial stages to attract more customers, the quality of the services will be maintained at high levels. This is to ensure that customers obtained the desired value for the product at a considerably cheaper price.


            The company will employ personal selling and advertising as promotional strategies for the service. Personal selling will be attained through creating responsiveness to the security personnel about the products the firm provides to create awareness. Advertising will be achieved through the internet, mass media and telemarketing. This is to ensure that the advertisement is able to reach many people through different mediums of advertisement. Also, the company will provide sales promotions through allowing discounts to their service prices. Lastly, in order to promote the firm to the locals, it will undertake an extensive social corporate responsibility to the society like environmental cleanup and giving scholarships to bright students.


            The success of this marketing proposal will depend on the availability of funds to articulate a robust marketing research. The budget should focus on allocating funds on three stages. The first stage involves establishing the firm as a legal entity in the UAE. Here, the registration fee for a public corporation company will be required to be met. Secondly, about $ 100 000 should be allocated aside for training professional activities, a huge amount for this budget vote is required because it will determine the progress of the company. Through the training, the company will understand customer wants and needs before allowing their product into the market. Lastly, the advertising is very essential and it requires about $ 10 000, this will be distributed for various promotional activities like advertisements through the radio or television. Lastly, the firm should have substantial amounts of money to pay its recruited guards and for maintaining its services in the region.


            In order to achieve a high level of success, it is important to establish a control mechanism for the marketing proposal.  A feedback mechanism is required to monitor the progress of the plan throughout the product life cycle. The marketing plan will serve as the feedback mechanism in which the field progress will be evaluated against the formulated success. The evaluation process will be based on how the firm has been able to achieve a large customer base for its products. The performance objectives for this plan include; increased customers, sales revenue, and number of recruited security guards.


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