Management Sample Paper on Individual Leadership Case Study

Individual Leadership Case Study

            Abraham Lincoln is one of the most influential people in the history of America. He was the president of the United States from 1861 to 1865. He is known to have practiced transformational leadership. He led the people by motivating them to be all they can be, and trained them to become the leaders of their destiny. He was committed to achieving freedom for all persons in the United States, and therefore advocated for the African slaves to be freed. His assertion led to the American civil war, and it is his actions in this war that make him so famous.

Abraham Lincoln did not hold grudges with people, and this is why he was willing to accommodate even his political opponents in the cabinet. He stood for his convictions during the war even when his fellow leaders felt that there was much to lose. Attending to the wounded soldiers in the battlefields and encouraging them to fight for freedom, he motivated them to continue fighting in the battle till freedom was won. From then on, the United States has grown and developed democratically thanks to the foundation laid by this president.

The humility and wisdom that was demonstrated by this president is unrivalled. This is the reason he intrigues me so much. There are many stories and anecdotes told about him like the way he was once a very critical person up to the point where he was invited to a sword duel by one of the victims of his scathing remarks in the local paper. It is said that the near death experience is what humbled him into the good president he became.

The outline for the presentation on Abraham Lincoln is as follows:

  • A description of what transformational leadership entails
  • Qualities portrayed by Abraham Lincoln that demonstrated his transformational
  • Some of the spectacular actions that were performed buy Abraham Lincoln as a leader