Management Sample Essay Paper on Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper


The following includes merging trends and values in the workforce of the United States of America for some past decades.

The late 1940s to the early 1960s

  • Growth in economical sectors, which was facilitated by the application of technology and the government providing subsidies.
  • Emergency of social classes whereby people utilized the values of hard work, allegiance to family and sacrifice in order to rise to the middle-class which majority of citizens achieved and termed as heroes..

Mid 1960s to late 1970s

  • Development thrust responsible for correction of the negative effects of industrialization and technology i.e. protection and cleaning of the environment.
  • The people improved the quality of their lifestyle through improving the standards of social classes and the major aspects like medical care and education.
  • Shift in business ownership from family to public based on the blame of business as the major cause of inequality.
  • The emergency of conglomerates to boost the stabilization of earnings per share aimed at achieving equality.
  • The powering of wall street as the assessment criteria determiner for corporations to study their performance
  • Growth of introspection industry of personal growth experiences and psychotherapy together with the rise of women movements focused at self-fulfillment and self-realization.
  • The increase in crime, child abuse, the persistence of racial discrimination, divorce increment as a result of frustration in the search for self-fulfillment.

The late 1970s through 1980s

  • The development of competitive pragmatism in organizations.
  • Pride is shown in performance through winning various social entities.
  • Visions demanded in work places.
  • The formation of self groups to aid in crime reduction and environmental conservation.
  • Cultural compatibility and realization of the significance of the family.

1990s to early 2000s

  • Rise of social pragmatism
  • Emphasize on empowerment in crucial areas
  • Quality of goods was matched with their relative values.
  • Domination of technology.
  • Human resource development.
  • Change and legitimization of the role of the government


2005 to 2015

  • The wide use of social media in work places which is corrupting the mind of many employees.
  • Total reliance in computers, which has promoted laxity.
  • Increased crime with the expansion of businesses
  • High sensitivity in environment conservation through increment of self groups
  • Globalization, which has led to sharing of information and some aspects of culture which may unethical.
  • Increased corruption in organizations.


  • Cooperation among workers of different departments towards achieving the common organizational goal.
  • Respect among the workers which is the key to success
  • Personal empowerment among the workers through specialization programs
  • Discipline is observed within the organization although sometimes some workers don’t.


Challenges facing organizations

  • Relaxation is prominent in most employees. This is due to the change of their lifestyles through dominance of social Media in workplaces.  The workers end up not portraying the ethical values of competence in their work areas.
  • The workers are incompetent in carrying out their roles within the workplaces. The workers morals have declined due to various frustrations on life.
  • The workers engage in time wasting activities. They use the work time in socializing in forums created by social media.

The main challenge in regard to employees is that there is no close supervision and assessment of individual performances of workers in organizations.