Management Research Paper on Qatar National Bank

Qatar National Bank

The global strategy of Qatar National Bank (QNB) has been fueled by desires to be the leading financial institution in the region. The bank accounts for a market share of more than forty five percent of assets within the banking sector. In 2012, it was ranked World’s Strongest Bank. In 2014, the bank recorded at least QR 2.4 billion as net profit. This was an increase of 13.7% from the previous year. Consequently, assets increased by 20.6%. As a result, the bank has been expanding internationally through acquisition of control stakes across various financial institutions. Thus, the global strategy applied by QNB bank in Qatar relies on investments, acquisitions, and wholly owned subsidiaries as modes of entry. This ensures the institution provides standardized banking products and services across domestic and international regions (William 1).

Al Mashreq Bank in Dubai

Al Mashreq bank in Dubai was established in 1967 by Al-Ghurai Group provides financial and banking services. It is regarded as the largest private banking institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It maintains an entrepreneurial spirit across trade banking sectors within the UAE region. For example, it creates local stock exchanges to record a strong regional presence domestically and internationally. As a result, the bank has branches in Asia, United States, and Europe. It therefore ensures clients receive comprehensive and diversified business functions to increase total income. The managerial team has international management skills to deliver robust growth models aligned to the bank’s business interests. As a result, the bank has continued to be listed in Forbes billionaire’s list for ten years. Thus, the global strategy applied by Al Mashreq bank is based on international concepts to penetrate differentiated customer centric. Ensuring strong growth potential is coupled with robust trading activities across domestic and international levels provides the bank the global strategy to develop and expand (UAE National Bureau of Statistics 31).

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