Management Essay Paper Sample on Apple Organization

Apple Organization

Apple organization’s vision is to make great products, constantly focusing on innovation. The organization believes in simplicity rather than complexity in its vision. The vision also states the organization’s belief in controlling the primary technology in the products they produce and participate in markets, which they can make a significant change. Apple mission is to come up with the best individual computing involvement to learners, instructors, creative specialists, and buyers across the globe through inventive hardware and internet offerings. Apple company strategy entails two main constituents: corporate and industry level policy. In the general corporate level strategy, basic decisions are made concerning what the organization should be, where significant focus is put on the culture and leadership of the organization. Presently, Apple’s main corporate strategy is to develop major innovations in consumer electronics. The organization’s main competitive priority has focused on tying its hardware and applications together through an integrated operating system, whereby one works similarly like the other. The applications also entailed run on one product. Apple’s operations strategy entails the application of decisions related to product design, quality management, capacity design, location strategy, and inventory management, which are well implemented through coordinated efforts by organizational managers. Apple’s success is also reflected in its sustainability practices through its policy on sustainable material sourcing.

Hills plan framework can be realistic in a method similar to McDonalds through cost-effective growth, a strategy supported by the expansion of the firm. McDonald’s key strategy to grow engrosses adding organization owned, franchised McDonald’s and partner brand restaurants. There is a difference in the two organizations’ strategies. Pal’s strategy operations evaluate the implications of competitive priorities in terms of choices and infrastructure while McDonalds focuses on operational excellence. The strategy of McDonalds entails numerous operational decisions in the organization in order to maintain low cost and fast service