Management Essay Paper on Tasks


Identify a situation or event where your own behavior resulted in an un-predicted outcome.

We were preparing to shift from our old offices, and we made every plan for the long-awaited day; getting to new offices. Every colleague was eager to find a new working place and our new systems. As the chief IT consultant in the firm, I had prepared the people in my department on how to upgrade the set of machines we were using including the anti-virus upgrade, security measures and all that. We forgot to install an automatic power saver generator! The move was smooth and we settled down well. Then, there was power loss! At a blink of the eye, twelve of the new machines broke down, due to poor connections. That earned me a reason to be fired. This behavior of forgetting cost me my job, an un-predicted outcome.

What essence took place? The essence that took place is that the boss could not understand how we forgot to install a back-up generator for any reason whatsoever. It was expected that since we had a power backup in the older office, we would still install one in the new ones.

Using the 4 stages that were identified by schein create the four subheadings and write a paragraph under each, that is;

 Reconstruct the observation you made prior to your intervention.

The observation that I made prior to my intervention is that poor communication may cause ineffective management. The flow of information from one department to the other is crucial for effective communication. Management creates a platform to harmonize the flow of the information, and the performance of a firm may at times rely on the way messages are passing across. Communication may involve evaluating the expected change process results, and how performance will be measured (Vogelsang 444). In my case, there were some communication breakdowns that lead to this un-predicted outcome.

The emotional reaction.

There followed an emotional pain after losing the job under a circumstance that could be avoided. My feeling is that, management may make decisions that affect the emotions of their subjects.

The judgment you made.

The judgment I made was to let go the job, admit my mistake and hence took the full responsibility of the consequence.

Read your reconstruction of the event, and identify whether the emotional reaction, judgment, or intervention may have contributed to the un-predicted outcome. They have contributed to the un-predicted outcome. Sometimes workers may act of pressure from their seniors and they may end up doing things that brings such outcomes (Schein 53).

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