Management Essay Paper on Emergency Management and Preparedness

Emergency Management and Preparedness

Question 1

The assigned reading discusses and critically analyses the roles, structural organization and the operations of the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) in the US. As discussed in the reading, NEMA is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that is on the forefront in the advancement of all-hazards emergency management. It is worth noting that the main purpose of the assigned reading is to come up with effective ways and means of managing and preparing for emergencies. Besides, the reading focuses on ensuring that human beings are aware of what they should do and where they should be during emergencies. The key question at the heart of the reading that guides the author’s work is how should people manage and be prepared for emergencies? In regard to the question, throughout the reading, the author has discussed disaster management and preparedness in most parts of the world, with specificity to the US. Moreover, from the reading, the author is trying to accomplish the objective of making humankind aware of how to manage and be prepared for emergencies such as wars, disasters and environmental hazards.

Question 2

There are several concepts including ideas, theories, models and definitions that come out in the assigned reading and they have played an integral role in supporting the reasoning of the author. To start with, one of the concepts in the reading is emergency management. In the reading, this is defined as the creation of a framework within which individuals, groups or organizations reduce the vulnerability to environmental hazards and try to cope with natural disasters. It should be noted that failure to manage emergencies effectively often leads to damage of assets, loss of revenue and even deaths of people. The other important concept seen in the reading is emergency preparedness. The authors of the reading define emergency preparedness as the activities that are put in place in preparation for disasters and emergencies and also to facilitate future response and recovery efforts. This is one of the major concepts in the reading and it is stated that, it involves activities such as writing emergency operation plans and procedures, training, exercises, evacuation planning and public education and warning among other activities. Other concepts that come up in the reading include mitigation, emergency response and disaster recovery. Just like the previous concepts, they aim at ensuring effective emergency management and preparedness is achieved.

Question 3

Refocusing on emergency preparedness, most intellectuals in the field of disaster management and preparedness believe it is a practice that involves implementing strategies with the aim of preparing for disasters and emergencies to facilitate future response and recovery efforts. In addition, most people argue that emergency preparedness involves activities such as training exercises, evacuation planning and encouraging community preparedness among other activities. In addition, one of the international organizations that have helped a great deal in enhancing emergency preparedness is the Red Cross Society. The organization has been educating people about emergencies and their risks. Besides, the organization has done a lot globally, in rescuing people during emergencies, especially during terrorism-related accidents. In order for people to be prepared for emergencies, they must have knowledge about possible disasters and the equipments needed for the emergency preparedness operations. One perfect example of emergency preparedness can be seen in the United States, where after the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre, the government and the people of the US at large are prepared psychologically and economically for any terrorist attacks. The country’s security and intelligence systems are beefed up, such that people are aware of potential terrorist attacks.

Question 4

The reading plays an integral role in letting people know about NEMA as an association in the United State that is focused on emergency management and preparedness. However, although the reading is extensive, after one goes through it, some questions will be raised. For instance:

  • What are the organizations that are involved in making people aware of emergency management and emergency preparedness?
  • What roles do governments play in emergency management and emergency preparedness?
  • Is evacuation of people as an activity involved in emergency preparedness expensive and time consuming?

Question 5

Presently, there are a number of operations across the world, aimed at enhancing emergency management and preparedness.  For instance, an article dated 26th October 2014 titled “U.S Marines, U.K. officially end military operations in Afghanistan” shows how emergency management and preparedness is very important in saving the dear lives of human beings. The article opines that the U.S Marines and the British troops finally ended their operations in Afghanistan and left for their countries. The article also adds that the American and British flags were lowered and folded bringing an end to the control and dominance of the American and British troops that had existed for 13 years since the Americans had launched a serious war against the Islamic radical regime of the Taliban terrorist group. During the war against the Taliban group, there were massive deaths of people. Thus, emergency management operations and preparedness were vital in helping salvage the situation. Therefore, the withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan was a big step in managing the emergencies such as frequent wars and attacks in the country (Johnson, 2014).


Johnson, K. (2014). U.S Marines, U.K. officially end military operations in Afghanistan. Haaretz. Avaialble online at: