Logistics Sample Essay on Manufacturing


In the context of the manufacturing sector, the concept of explosion can be described as the release of unburned mixture of gases, dust, or vapor into the atmosphere during a combustion activity (Boyle, 2005). The mixture of released gases, dust, and vapor are dangerous to the species of flora and fauna since they intoxicate the immediate atmosphere, making it dangerous for habitation. In a manufacturing context, these gases may be released from the industrial process such as combustion of fuels in factory engines and dusts released from manufacturing sites (McAteer, 2010). They also include steam from manufacturing equipment. In my description of the concept of explosion in the manufacturing sector, I would include dusts from manufacturing sites, incombustible gases, and steam from the engines.

The input/ output control ensures that materials flowing through a system are regulated to ensure that adequate inputs flow through the system limiting the possibilities of inadequacies as well as excesses. The receiving point of the materials ensures that the materials allowed to flow into the system meets the capacity of the system. Consequently the output/ exit point ensures that all the materials allowed into the system exit it (Guzzella, 2011). The input/ output control approach to capacity management is critical in controlling the flow of materials, especially when certain materials need to be processed before new materials are allowed. The approach reduces unnecessary costs as well as inefficiencies associated with system failures due to excessive flow of materials. In addition, it ensures that an organization controls its outputs in relation to the demand. This ensures effective management of resources and minimizes the costs of operation to the firm. These costs include wastes, overproduction, and underproduction. Consequently, it ensures efficient resource management and utilization.


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