Logistics: Critical Thinking Paper on Advanced Information Systems

Advanced Information Systems

Advanced information systems will automate some routine project activities by making an analysis of data and information faster than before. These advanced information systems allow a manager to handle all time issues, including when the workers should start and finish their routine project activities (Bozarth & Handfield, 2014). In response to this, it is an effective idea which will help a company always to instill strict supervision of its time management and save more time to be directed to other activities which are also of importance to the enterprise. Therefore, advanced information systems are fit for all projects as well as usual routine projects.

In response to “How could automation change the role of project professionals” the answer provided is straightforward as it gives the reader a recap of how automation helps project managers. In my opinion, automation brings in efficiency at work since there is proper allocation of roles as well as utilization of time. This means that no employee will have extra time for wastage since the project manager is strictly supervising how the work is done. Automation also helps project professionals ease their work by analyzing data faster than before. This again helps them to make immediate decisions based on the analysis; hence, enabling the project to take place sooner than it would have before without automation.

In response to “Could this evolution help eliminate the perspective that project management professionals are not sensitive to time consumers?” the author argues that time constraints are significant for a project to attain completion at the estimated time. Therefore, I agree with this idea because with automation, project management professionals are now time sensitive, and everything the workers do is directed to the success of the project. Therefore, automation helps things move faster and managers can now make decisions faster to enable a project to be completed within its stipulated time.




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