Law Sample Essay on Response to Critique

Response to Critique

One of your clients is Ford Motors. Recently Ford was cited for not accurately reporting its fuel economy rating for six vehicles – most notably their hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles (Stock, 2014). It is expected that Ford will pay approximately 200,000 owners as much as $1,050 in compensate for lowered mileage rating (Stock, 2014). Will this impact the ongoing marketing strategy for Ford?

The controversy with the fuel economy rating of Ford’s vehicles will not derail the ongoing marketing strategy that JWT has for them. In fact, this will be used as fodder for trying to woo the disappointed consumers and those that are doubtful(, n.d.). It is a good thing that this came out, as it cannot get any worse. The controversy has also made the company make headlines, which makes it visible to more potential clients(Tippins, 2014). People are for sure going to follow how this will unfold, and the after effects of this incident. In the process, we will have a chance to market Ford products to them.

In 2013 Ford Motor Company reached a hybrid sales in the second quarter of 2013, with sales of 24,217 vehicles – up 517 percent over 2012 and up 15 percent over the first quarter of 2013. Does the success of the Ford hybrid in the United States impact how JWT will market Ford motors internationally?

The success of the saleshybrid car in the United States will not affect JWT’s international marketing strategy. The adoption of hybrid cars in any region is dependent on the population’s perception on environmental issues. The persons in the Europe and North America are more environmental conscious compared to persons in Asia. JWT’s marketing for Ford is therefore, likely to be concentrated in these regions, as response is likely to be positive in these regions. The other regions are to be considered later on and their cultures are being studied so as to determine the most appropriate marketing approach(Littman, 2000).

A firm’s marketing and financial managers work together to ensure that the firm has the capital available to successfully create and implement its marketing plans (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2013). How closely do you work with the CFO and other finance managers in creating the marketing plans for different companies?

There is a strong working relationship between the marketing manager and the financial manager. This is because appropriate marketing is the one factor on which the survival of the firm hinges(Webster, 2002). Good marketing helps in making sure that the firm gets good revenue. It also requires capital to carry out, hence the marketing manager must consult with the CFO in order ensure that it is considered favorably during budgeting.

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