Law Essay Paper on Amendments of the law that relate to the Human Resource Law

Amendments of the law that relate to the Human Resource Law

Human Resource Law 1: Fairness and Justice in the Workplace

According to Amendment 14, section 1, the constitution provides that no US citizen shall be discriminated upon. Equal rights pertaining jobs, education, and health, among other issues, shall be executed. This is applicable to Human Resource law since employers have the obligation of maintaining equality at the work place. During recruitment, no discrimination based on gender, sex, or race should ever be experienced.

Human Resource Law 2: Jurisdiction as far as US laws are concerned

The U.S. laws are only applicable to the extent of its borders. Outside the borders, there are other laws that apply, and which may not be congruent to the US laws. Therefore in engaging staff to work in foreign countries, companies should be informed on the specific laws. However, where need be, the US laws shall override the foreign laws. For instance, the aspect of paying workers above the average income should be adhered to. This is what Amendment 11 of the US laws provides.

Human Resource Law 3: Enslavement at work place

Amendment 13 speaks on the issue of slavery on US land. It rebukes such an act and states that anyone found enslaving another or others will be charged according to law. This brings us to the fact that the work place is not a slave den. Employees should feel that they belong and should be satisfied with their place of work. Their needs should be met as far as their career growth and family matters are concerned; they should feel appreciated at their place of work.

Human Resource Law 4: Bill of Rights

Every employee is covered by the bill of rights; he/she has a right to be paid a fair wage and a good health insurance. Employers should allow their employees to join unions if they want to. They should also arrange for benefits such as medical schemes. Thus provides amendment 14 of the constitution.

Human Resource Law 5: Employers to facilitate payment of taxes to the government.

Employees have an obligation to remit their PAYE every month and the government has the right to ask for it from them. Other payments such as social security and medical cover should also be handed in. This is according to the laws and regulations applicable to employees, as stated in Amendment 16.

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