Law Assignment Paper on Business Leadership and Communication

Business Leadership and Communication

A team leader should have excellent communication skills. Team work is important both at school and at work. Goals and objectives should be communicated to all members so that they can work towards achieving them. As such, the team I work with has showed a good spirit towards achieving and delivering in their different roles. I term this as part of my success as role delivery and organizational success go hand in hand. Consequently, having run my class group and the work force effectively, I consider the diversity that comes with the composition of diverse people as an advantage. The modern social and economic environment has become complex considering the advanced technology and diversity in the general environment. Therefore, there needs to be proper and prior planning on how to achieve set objectives. To accommodate this, I have laid down training workshop schedules to ensure that all team members are adequately equipped technologically, while learning how to understand and interact effectively with other stakeholders.

I have employed diverse managerial skills for tackling different functions that make a business process. Communication has proved to be a key factor in efficient management. Managing diversity and embracing technology has slowed activities. However, these aspects will be fully incorporated into the business practices thus the processes will run effectively. When formulating an agenda for a business meeting, certain aspects have to be accorded priority. Foremost, there should be a title to the list, which should communicate the main topics to the members as well as what the meeting will entail. In addition, the header of the agenda should specify the venue, the time of the meeting, and the audience who should attend. The header should be positioned right below the title. Consequently, inclusion of factual information in the header is important so that those absent can easily be updated on the goings-on of the meeting. The agenda should have a brief statement on the objectives of the meeting to avoid time wastage when explaining to members. Additional time should be spared for questions and answers with an outline of discussion for topics provided to inform members on issues to be discussed during the meeting. Errors should be checked before distributing the agenda. Before setting an agenda, a group leader should invest a realistic amount of time drafting the necessary topics in line with the objectives of the meeting.

Leadership behaviours that group leaders should embrace encompass setting a good illustration aimed at guiding others. There exist various forms of leadership. A leader should adopt a strategy that suits the processes of attaining organization goals; he should be transparent, observe high integrity, and honesty to attract trust from others. Similarly, one should be able to admit mistakes and show efforts to make amendments in the future. Moreover, when a leader makes promises, he should follow through. Communication is a key factor in success, and therefore, should be made efficient to remind the members of the goals that the team aims at achieving. To lead an effective meeting, various steps must be followed. The first step is that of assigning pre-work through engaging the participants. The second step is that of assigning appropriate roles to a group of participants, which empowers members and encourages teamwork. In addition, the meeting should only invite the relevant individuals who are necessary for goal communication. Every topic should be treated as aiming at good performance. When team members knows what is expected from them, the performance is great.