Job Recommendation Letter

Job Recommendation Letter

A job recommendation letter refers to a document that a person writes assessing the characteristics, qualities and capabilities of another person who is being recommended on the basis of his/her abilities to perform a given function, task or job. This letter is also called a reference letter or simply a recommendation-

You can be requested to write a recommendation letter by a former employee or a co-worker whose new or potential employer has asked to submit one. In that case, you should address the letter to that particular requester. However, a recommendation letter for a job can be issued to a person without a requester and therefore the addressee is not specified.

Why a job recommendation letter is important

A job reference letter is very important because it provides insights into the capabilities and background of a candidate to the future employer. A well-written, solid letter provides information that cannot be obtained by simply calling the human resource department of the company that the candidate has been working for.

Among the reasons why a great recommendation letter for employment is important include:

  • Endorsement

A good reference letter serves as an endorsement for the candidate. This is because it is usually written by a person who has worked with the candidate and known him/her. It therefore helps in convincing the potential employer that you left your former employer in good terms. It also shows that you were a vital contributor to the company.

  • Create a good perception

A recommendation letter for a job shows how the candidate is perceived by his/her former employer. A favorable recommendation letter also saves the future employer time because he/she will not have to contact your former employer.

  • It explains personal qualities of a candidate

A recommendation letter usually explains personal qualities of the candidate. These are the qualities that make him/her ideal for a position that he/she is pursuing. A good recommendation letter for a job should highlight instances when the candidate portrayed these qualities such as his/her ability to communicate efficiently orally and in writing. Other qualities that the letter can point out include intelligence, willingness to take up responsibilities, flexibility and self-motivation.

  • It shows the professional qualifications of the applicant

A recommendation letter’s body mentions the qualifications of the candidate. The writer of a job recommendation letter should talk to the candidate before writing the letter to know the skills and traits that relate to the position that the candidate is pursuing. A good recommendation letter explains the accomplishments and achievements of the applicant. This includes the years that the candidate has been working in a company, the awards earned and other credentials.