Is Global Warming Caused by Man? Sample Criminal Justice Research Paper

Is Global Warming Caused by Man?

Global warming is the increase of the global temperature, which occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants as well as greenhouse gasses are emitted to the atmosphere. There have been several facts, arguments, and counter arguments about the role of man in enhancing global warming. The present analysis discusses two different sources examining the role of man in increasing the earth’s temperature.

The first article by the Earth’s Observatory is a scientific reputable resource. According to the article, climate change occurs when the planet receives more or less sunlight as a result of indirect shifts in the orbit, or when the atmosphere or surface is altered. Global warming also occurs because of variation in the sun’s energy, mainly caused by man’s activity. The article further states that global warming entails the hasty increase in the average surface temperature of the earth as a result of high greenhouses emitted from fossil fuels burnt by people (Earths Observatory).

The article attributes that increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at an escalating rate, mainly through fossil fuels and cutting down carbon absorbing forests by man rises the earth’s temperature. It causes the atmosphere to have more greenhouse molecules in addition to the energy emitted from the earth’s surface (Earths Observatory). Excess energy from the warmer atmosphere radiates back to the earth surface to raise its temperature.

The second article by Petr Mach questions the theory of global warming effect on the earth’s temperature caused by man. The article is a questionable resource. Mach disputes the theory of global warming, which purports that the temperature on the earth increases as a result of greenhouse emissions, commonly referred to as greenhouse gases, into the atmosphere (Mach, 2007).

The author of the article points out that no one knows the exact temperature of the earth since the measures, which are obtained are only but the temperature measured at separate locations. Mach gives an example of Prague-Klementinum, where the temperature is measured daily since 1775. According to the results, the temperature in Prague has been increasing for the past 100 years, but declined during the 19th century as well as some 230 years ago (Mach, 2007). The article indicates that the average temperature was not different from the current temperatures.

Mach argues that what is presented as evidence for global warming indicates the development of average temperatures measured at various meteorological places where the average temperatures on the Earth are higher as compared to the temperatures from 1950s to 1970s.

Therefore, it is wrong to interpret such a higher difference as a confirmation of man-triggered global warming when similar disparities occurred a long time ago. The article asserts that since it is not evident that the drop in temperature in the 19thcentury was instigated by man, it cannot be explicitly assumed that the increase in temperatures in the 20th century was caused by man. In addition, the author asserts that CO2 found in the atmosphere is natural.

The first article by Earth’s Observatory is reliable because of the evidence provided and analysis of the way man triggers global warming by burning fossil fuels. The author’s explanation of the whole process is fully backed by evidence and clearly explains the way man is the greatest agent of global warming. Nonetheless, the second article dispute is not valid since the author does not satisfactorily explain how CO2 causes greenhouse emission. The argument about CO2 being in the atmosphere naturally is right but its combination with other gases like methane that are released to the atmosphere through man’s activity makes it harmful. Additionally, the argument about comparing the rate of temperature change between now and several years back is invalid since other variables have also changed drastically, for instance, industrial revolution and human population. Man’s efforts to explore and meet his needs has played a critical role in enhancing the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which has increased the intensity of global warming.


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