Is Force Associated with Power and State-Building? Sociology Essay Sample

Is Force Associated with Power and State-Building?

The human ideals and sophistication are always changing. Social dynamics that hold the society together (in all the parties, groups or states) have gained the evolved legitimacy. As such, a state could be referred to as an outfit founded on force. Trotsky quoted that every nation is founded on force in accordance to Max Weber’s volition on the foundations of a true state in the ‘What is Politics?’ passage. Historical perspective of force would regard it as a compelling action; that which makes you compromise your ideals/wishes. A wide range of human congregation could be termed as ‘states’ ranging from the simple office/business setup to the national outfit. It is only that earlier/traditional outfits advocated the use of physical force or violence to hold these congregations together.

Today, legitimized force holds these social outfits together. From the economic perspective, money is labelled as the holding factor. It drives people into economical outfits like companies and corporations. These ‘states’ can be described as those comprising of persons with the common interests or hope, for example, the hope of living comfortably and with a degree of power. These forces are not the like the traditional violent actions, but to some it could be regarded a dummy violent force; that which does no physical harm, but controls situations which perpetrate physical harm. This essentially brings up the usage of power by a given party or groups to hold the overall state together.

Power is rated highly in the society and is linked with a section of the general public. It signifies a social caste and the ability to monopolize. These powerful groups/individuals are held together by their common interests or may be affiliated to the power realms with a hope of better earnings (socially and economically). They would utilize legitimate domination to exercise their authority with the other societal members bound to obey them. This obedience is gained or one built on hope. The higher social class is attributed with revered wisdom and experience, and other societal members would believe that this class would formulate and implement the right policies. Therefore, the use of legitimized force is apprehended in today’s social outfit.