Introduction Examples

Introduction Examples

If you want to know how to write great introductions, you must use introduction examples as your writing guides. Introduction samples are examples of the first paragraphs of different types of writing written by experienced writers. When readers start reading your essay, paper, report or review, they want to comprehend new text that might be complex to them. Their aim is to get a glimpse of what your paper, essay, report, review or any other writing is about. The introduction is the first paragraph of your writing and it should provide the context or background of your writing while highlighting the purpose or goal of your writing. A detailed and explicit introduction will show readers the complexity and richness of the work that they are about to read while setting expectations for them-

The introduction also serves the purpose of intriguing and grabbing the attention and interest of the readers so that they can read on. Apart from providing a brief overview of the work, it also states a thesis statement which is a sentence or two that summarize the entire work.

Introduction examples

There are different types of introductions depending on the angle that is taken in writing it, the mood and purpose of the work.

Here are introduction examples for various types of essays, papers and reviews:

  • Funnel introduction

This is an introduction that starts by revealing the background information that leads to a thesis statement. Background information establishes the context for the reader while grabbing their attention. The provided information should be compelling to the readers so that they can want to read on.


“Identity theft has been around throughout the history of mankind. Unscrupulous people have always pretended to be other people often with an aim of gaining financially, socially or politically. Using the right demeanor and appearance, the unscrupulous individuals have presented themselves like bishops and kings. Today, identity theft is more than a prevalent problem. With access to social security names, numbers as well as other types of personal information, thieves can now steal identities with ease to leave their victims struggling to repair their damaged reputation. Identity theft in the current information age is a problem that has claimed the lives of many innocent people. Therefore, better regulations must be implemented by the government to ensure that this crime comes to an end.”

Note that the introduction starts by providing background information about identity theft and then links it with the current problem of identity theft in the information age. It also ends by giving a hint of what the paper or essay will be about which is to argue for the implementation of better regulations by the government in order to end identity theft as a crime. This ensures that readers are not only interested in reading on but that they also get an overview of what the paper or essay will be about.

  • Quotation introduction

Quotation introduction examples start with a quote that leads readers to a thesis statement. The quote can be a statement by a famous person, a saying or a proverb.


““Do not trust a man that is not liked by your dog.” This proverb implies that dogs are good at telling the character of an individual better than humans. This has been proven in many ways. When assessing the character of a person, dogs have a great talent. However, one may ask, how do dogs do this? This essay will show this with explanations from various pet behaviorists.”

This introduction starts with a quote that intrigues the readers to want to read more. At the end, the introduction states the thesis statement or what the essay will be about. Thus, after reading this introduction, readers can clearly tell what the essay will be about.

  • Thought-provoking question

An introduction that starts with a thought-provoking question stimulates the interest of the readers. You can choose a rhetorical question so that readers can consider alternative viewpoints. You can also choose a direct question so that you can lead readers to your thesis statement directly. This kind of introduction is ideal for essays that compare and contrast ideas, viewpoints or things. It can also be used for essays or papers that discuss advantages and disadvantages of something or controversial topics-


“Considering the freedoms that the enslaved individuals were denied, you cannot help but ask why would the focus of Fredrick Douglas be on literacy and education? Douglas says that slavery and education were incompatible. He says that everything was done to cripple the individual intellects of slaves while darkening their minds. Douglass clearly states that some slave owners even destroyed their mental capacities. However, his life is a proof that all these efforts were unsuccessful. This paper will demonstrate the reasons why Fredrick Douglas focuses on literacy and education in his narrative despite the many freedoms that the enslaved individuals were denied.”

  • Anecdote introduction

There are introduction examples that start with an anecdote or a short story or narrative. An introduction that begins with a short story or narrative invites and entices readers to continue reading.


“Finally, James Martin was ready to buy a home. He had spent years working hard and saving money in his savings account. He had paid bills and credit card debts diligently. Martin visited his bank with confidence about his credit rating to find out what mortgage plan he could qualify for. However, he was startled by the information that he got from the bank. Due to his defaulted home loan and a debt of $40,000 in his credit card, his car had to be repossessed for failing to make payments on time. Martin was an identity theft victim just like several other Americans. Rather than getting ready to relocate to a new home, Martin had to start another long journey of restoring his damaged name and reclaiming his identity. This is one case of many identity theft instances which show the seriousness of the crime and the need for the government to implement regulations that will put it to an end.”

  • Survey introduction

In this kind of an introduction, the writer starts by providing an overview of the information of the paper or essay to arouse the interest of the reader. This kind of an introduction allows readers a chance to disagree or to agree with the presented opinion while enticing them to continue reading.


“Individual styles of learning form an education field that is becoming increasingly popular as a research area. Generally, it is acknowledged that students learn differently. This is because students have different weaknesses, strengths and interests. To give students effective instructions, teachers should know various ways through which students learn so that they can plan their lessons accordingly. This essay will explain how teachers can identify the learning styles of their students.”

Notes that the introduction provides an overview of the work while presenting facts whose basis is previous studies. This captures the attention of the readers while compelling them to read

  • Surprising or interesting fact

You can also write an introduction that includes surprising or interesting facts that captures the attention of the readers while drawing their interest to read on.


Currently, cyber crime is one of the fastest growing types of crime in the U.S. In 2014 alone, more than nine million Americans were victims of cyber crime in one way or another. It is also estimated that cyber crime costs the American economy more than 50 billion dollars every year. Since some cases of cyber crime go unreported, the numbers might be higher. This paper will show how serious cyber crime is and why the government ought to implement regulations that will help in ending this crime.”

Anybody who is not privy to such information will find the facts surprising and this will raise their curiosity and interest to read on.

  • Definition introduction

This is an introduction that starts with the definition of unknown or difficult term that will be used in the paper or essay. Such an introduction can capture the attention of the reader especially if it is for a term that is new to them.


We are made unique by our identity. Identity is the distinguishing personality or character of a person. Once your identity is stolen, your distinguishing personality or character is stolen. This includes your address, name, employment history, social security number and credit history among others. Therefore, it is no wonder that people who have suffered identity theft endure a deep feeling of violation while struggling to reclaim their good identity. As such, the government must implement regulations that will end identity theft because as a serious crime, it has ruined the reputation of millions of innocent people.”

Note that the introduction starts by defining identity after which it provides details of that definition. This gives readers a clear comprehension of what identity is before stating a thesis statement. Such introduction examples are common in expository essays and papers.

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