HR Management Paper on Job Description for a Financial Advisor

Job Description for a Financial Advisor

Job Title: Financial Advisor

Division:                      Western Region

Department:                Human Resources Department

Job Analyst:                Ali

Date Analyzed:           29/09/2014

Report to:                    Finance Manager

Date Verified:             29/09/2014

Job Statement

            Seeking to offer managers and clients tangible business, investment and fund utilization advice, with the aim of developing good business ideas and establishing a good working relationship with clients through quality insight and communication.

Job Identification

A financial advisory position involves dealing indirectly with the finances of a company. One is supposed to carry out the techniques and procedures that may be used in decision making.

Essential Requirements

  1. For one to be a financial advisor, there are various professional and personal skills and qualifications that would ensure they succeed.
  2. A specialization in finance and financial analysis, as well as a bit of experience in the real corporate world, is important for an individual to make a good financial advisory.
  3. Still, the position requires much of commitment, zeal and perseverance, traits that are more inborn than acquired in an individual.
  4. Communication and computer skills are also critical in smoothening processes in an organization.

Essential Functions

  1. The basic function of a financial advisor is to analyze the financial positions of a company and make judgment on the right direction that the managers should take.
  2.  Judgments are based or research and historical situations.
  3.  This is done on a wide range of operations carried out by the organization.
  4. A financial advisor will give advice to clients on what options to consider in executing various projects, and the most appropriate manner in which funds should be utilized.

Job Specifications

  1. The role of a financial advisor is to advice clients and managers.
  2. In this case, one needs to be analytical and convincing for the clients to accept their recommendations.
  3. Communication skills are therefore an important composition of the job.
  4. Prior knowledge, experience and research play an important role in determining success.

This is an important document to use in HRM activities since it spells out the depth of the job, requirements and personal attributes that contribute to a successful career.