HR Management Essay Paper on Career Plan

Career Plan

Reviewing the report, note the interests, work styles, and what the interest score means. On reviewing the report, the occupational interest that I would go for is the one I scored highest- administration. I would choose assertive as my work style because I scored highest too. The high score in administration means that I can be good in administration jobs, management, and poor in systematic and planning, any tasks to do with logistics and coordination may not be easy to me.

Read the intrinsic and extrinsic values. Rank the values in order (most important first).

When I read the values, I would rank them in the following way:

Intrinsic values:

  1. Excellence
  2. Knowledge
  3. Work mastery
  4. Competition
  5. Using my ability
  6. Challenge

Extrinsic values

  1. Leadership
  2. Respect
  3. Power-authority
  4. Advancement
  5. Fame
  6. Prestige-status

Visit the site and select those that you identified through your Live Career assessment. What occupations match your skills?

After visiting the site , I selected a few that identified with my skills and experiences and read the descriptions. The tasks are interesting to me. According to the career assessment, I feel I have the skills and abilities for the occupation, and it matches well with my work styles. My working values are in line with the job descriptions and the salary data fits my daily requirements: paying bills, rents, entertainment, and all my monthly needs. Nevertheless, the salary is little to have any savings at the payday. 

The occupation growth outlook is bright, and indicates green. I hope it is promising, and can be better in time. Gaps identified can be bridged by hard work, working as a team, attaining a degree in my career and seeking more knowledge on my line of study. The period to close the gaps can be within 1-3 years, and this will only be possible if more effort is put in equipping myself more with the skills and such information.

Various barriers stand on the way to be overcome and confronted. To overcome the time barrier, I need to work overtime, including late in the evening and the weekends. Family obligations and responsibilities can be delegated to other members of the family, or they can wait for the limited free time available. To overcome the financial barriers, I have to be more financially disciplined, avoiding unnecessary spending, drawing budgets of the expected expenses and looking for more sources of income, for instance, through a small business.

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