HR Management Essay on Interviewee Information

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Name of Interviewee  Susan Wojcicki
Contact Information (phone number and/or email address) (Please note that we may contact your interviewee to confirm the interview.)  +1 650 253 0000
Company  Google Inc.
Position   Senior Vice President, YouTube
Question #1: What does your job entail?  Response: my typical day starts with a meeting for 15 minutes to get a report on the state of the company and emerging issues that have ensued. I then go to my office where I will look at mails and also the internet and see whether the customers are satisfied with You Tube. After checking that I attend series with the top officials of the company and have a scope on the direction of the company. Basically my day is always extra busy without any formal break sometimes.
Question #2: how did you get started with this job and what interested you in the job?  Response: back then before the introduction of YouTubesharing of videos between people who are very far apart was a very difficult thing since sending a soft copy would really take a lot of memory and also costs would be very high. This gave me an idea about having a site where individuals could upload a video and they could be seen by anyone from whichever place they were. After getting the idea I put it in practice and came up with the company. The logistics of formation I will share with you next time. What interested me in this job was the adventure entailed with it and also adaptability with changing times that should be followed.
Question #3: What are the various jobs in this organization?  Response: You Tube at first is owned by Google Inc. The jobs available range from the CEO which is the position I hold to an internship.  The company has positions for engineers who are charged with the maintenance of the servers of You Tube to financial advisers and also IT specialists who change the face of the company with the ever rapid changing current times and also deal with dealing with breakdowns of the site.
Question #4: How does your establishmentcontrast from others?  Response: The first aspect where we are different from the rest is the embracing of change that happens rapidly. Another aspect is our employees do not have any specific way of dressing or carrying out themselves. As long as they deliver then the rest to us the management team is not relevant. This kind of freedom is not allowed in other companies and they actually have strict rules about being in formal wear anytime they are in the work place.
Question #5: What does your company do to contribute to its employee’s professional development?  Response: The company organizes for seminars several times a year. This helps in the interaction of the employees with renowned people in various sectors like the IT sector and even engineering: this develops the professional development of the employees. The company also has a performance appraisal system where employees are awarded based on the quality of their input. This increases competition and development among the employees
Question #6: How has your job affected your lifestyle?  Response: First thing my social life went a long time because of the job. The extra-long working hours and also the trips to the many countries in the world to give speeches has made it so difficult in creating time for my old friends and people I knew. The little free time I get is spent with my family. Fun like going for horse races and even watching baseball all now went due to my tight schedule.
Question #7: What creates most stress about this job?  Response: Companies who are always ready to sue when their videos are uploaded against their consent. This can cause a very big legal battle even if the video was there for an hour or so. So we have people standby that block immediately videos that are not authorized. Another problem is always addressing the underage issue where it can put the morals of the company in doubt.
Question #8: Does your work relate to what you did in university?  Response: Yes they do relate greatly.
Question #9: What special advice do you have for a student pursuing to meet the requirements for employment in this organization?  Response: He/she should be open minded and must always think outside the box on many things. This is a demanding company that requires innovations and inventions on a daily basis.
Question #10: Finally, why do you think You Tube is a very popular company?  Response: Our simplicity is our strength and power due to the fact that it’s our utmost sophistication. We make things very easy for our customers and this really makes them happy and like our services.
Google Inc. is a big company whose market is worldwide and the You Tube which is owned by the Google Inc. is a trending service that has really captured the attention and minds of the people. From the CEO Susan, it is clear that determination and also creativity brought her to the realization of her dreams and that she never just start it up with one day. The culture of the company is very friendly due to the freedom accorded to the employees and the motivations they get to continue growing higher and higher. Thinking outside the box is an important skill that I should really need for me to make it in the current world and also creativity is something I should learn to have for being different from others and make it in some careers.