How to Write your Own Performance Review

How to Write your Own Performance Review

Knowing how to write your own performance review is equally as important as an academic paper or other kinds of reports. The skills will not only be useful in the review but also enhancing your writing and general communication abilities. We have outlined the best tips and examples herein to assist you on how to easily write a performance review on your own.

Employee self reviews are becoming common today since they offer an easier and all-inclusive avenue for human resource professionals to evaluate the performance of workers. In order for you to effectively master the art of how to write your own performance review, it is important that you begin by defining what this kind of review is.

A performance review basically refers to a document or an essay that is written about your career growth. Based in the career or job that you are pursuing, a performance review should clearly indicate the experiences that you have had so far, including successes and other elements that can describe your journey better.

While at school, you can be asked to write a performance review showing how you have been doing in academics. Besides, several employers today will ask you to submit a self performance review indicating how you have been performing various tasks in the organization. This implies it is critical for you to know how to write your own performance review.

A performance review can be written in two main formats. The fist one is whereby you can be asked to write an essay detailing your performance. On the other hand, you can be given a performance review template with questions that you will be required to answer to. In such a case, you will only need to fill in the blanks with response to the specific questions asked.

Tips on how to write your own performance review

Although writing a self appraisal may seem easy, knowing what to say and how to put it makes the difference between an outstanding review and one that can taint your career.

The following are some of the main points to consider in planning how to write your own performance review

Think of the main events in your career                                                                                     

In order to deliver a good performance review, it is advisable that you begin by listing all the experiences that have impacted your career to date.

Try to note down all your achievements, projects and tasks that you have been involved in. At this stage, your aim is to generate content for the essay and it is important to identify all those experiences. Take a general picture of your career, how it started to the level that you are today.

Highlight people-related experiences

Teamwork is something that many organizations recommend and it is also important that when writing a performance review, you should show that you are comfortable and can effectively work in a group. However, this should not overshadow your personal efforts.

Narrow down to those events or experiences that highlight instances where you were able to assist your colleagues in completing tasks or meeting targets.

In cases where you have performed quite well and enhanced the strength of your team, mark them in bold since they would add great points to the review. Note that a self appraisal goes beyond just the expectations of building a career and requires that you prove that you are an outstanding person in your field based on what you have achieved.

Look for other achievements outside work

It is always interesting for an employer to know that you a versatile person who can accomplish a variety of tasks. Apart from just showing that you can perform well in the assigned duties, it is advisable to also identify some of the ‘optional activities’ that you have been involved in.

If you have been involved in some form of Social Responsibility work, list the details as they will also contribute to a greater self appraisal. Note the main contributions that you have made in such instances.

Prepare an outline

An outline is a blueprint of the final essay that you will write. Therefore, it should clearly show all the achievements, experiences and projects that you plan to discuss in the review. The outline will act as your guide on what to cover in every part of the review and should highlight details that are easy to forget like even dates and names.

Steps on how to write your own performance review

The performance review that you intend to write should comprehensively explain all the positive and relevant aspects of your career. One thing to note when writing a performance review is that your story should be objective and clear in every point.

Based on the particular details that you have picked to use in writing the essay, the steps outlined below will assist you on how to write your own performance review.

Begin on a captivating note

Although it is always advisable that you discuss your performance in chronological order, you can alter this just to make sure that the introduction is attractive.

You can begin by talking about an outstanding achievement or experience in your career. This can at least ignite the supervisor or instructor to want to find out more about your performance in the rest of the review.

However, you can also start by discussing your career from when it started. Mention some of the motivating factors behind your decision to pursue the career to illustrate more on the genesis of your performance.

Clearly explain the key experiences and achievements

The basis of the essay is to help the supervisor in determining your potential for success. Thus, you should always highlight into detail, the various elements that have had an impact in your career using facts and examples.

Since you will be discussing different events, it would be advisable that you address one at a time and link each to show proper flow in the discussion.

When discussing the titles of different people, ensure that you get each one right in order to avoid contradictions or misinformation.

Describe the achievements in the form of a dialogue, just like you are talking to the supervisor one-on-one. Besides, always use appropriate language in writing the review. This will make the essay quite easy to follow and understand.

Always try to be as specific as you can in order to create more emphasis on your development.

Suggest improvements

Even though your review might be quite unique and attractive, an instructor will be happier if you also indicate your plans for much better performance in future.

In the conclusion of the review, suggest some of the measures that you have identified and think will help in enhancing your performance. This will show the supervisor that you are indeed strong and professionally mature. However, you have to suggest something that is attainable within your working conditions.

Examples of performance reviews

The following samples can also help you in mastering the art of how to write your own performance review with ease.

Example 1

Sample performance review for Editor

Local Editor for Online Newspaper

‘’From the scandal at Town Hall to the chaos after Hurricane Burt, there was not a single story that I did not cover. While I may be the new kid on the block, I have managed to retain and build an ever-increasing readership due to undoubted quality writing.

I was the first reporter in town to pick up on the mismanagement of retirement funds on the local level. I got the story first because a town official recognized me as an impartial presence and contacted me personally with quotable, attributable and vital statements…’’ Read the rest of this sample performance review here.

Example 2

FAS Employee Self Evaluation

‘’ I had four key goals this year; management of the director’s schedule, development and maintenance of the organization’s website, helping in the budgeting process and learning the new database software.

I think I have done quite well in managing the schedule of the director, and making her appointments. I always make sure that the required corrections are made quickly and try the best I can to anticipate her needs.

The department’s website is now more useful than it has been in the past. I have tried to ensure that the content is up to date, either by following up with faculty or creating new content by myself…’’

Read the whole review here.

Example 3

Sample performance review for Manager

‘’Since my promotion to the position of manager last year, there has been a significant increase in sales- particularly over the last two quarters. Our conversion rate has not fallen below 70 percent, and we have been able to meet segment goals in every department 80 percent of the time, which is the highest percentage in our region…’’ view the whole sample here.

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