How to Write the Introduction of a Capstone Project

How to Write the Introduction of a Capstone Project

The significance of the introduction in any piece of writing cannot be overruled. Creativity and skill need to be employed when writing the introduction for a capstone project. There is not a fixed style of writing a capstone project due to the difference in requirements for different studies or institutions. However, below is a general guideline that will help you know How to Write the Introduction of a Capstone Project with ease.

a) Development of the project

State the research question that you intend to investigate in the capstone project research, why and how you settled on the project. To achieve this, demonstrate how the thesis statement is related to the coursework.

b) Position your reader

Help your reader identify with your project through defining different terms and concepts, and focusing on their interest. In addition, point out methods, topics, and sources that will be helpful in achieving the goals of your research. Take advantage to define the scope of your study; it should never be too wide nor too narrow.

c) Highlight a literature review

The literature review plays the role of placing your intended research in context, by showing a relationship between past studies and intended research. It also informs the reader on how well you understand your topic. The survey should however be characterized by analysis as opposed to a summary.

d) Methodology and sources

You need to state the methods that will be used to collect and analyze data for the capstone project. While some projects may require qualitative methods, others may require quantitative methods. For any choice made, you must give a justification.

The credibility of research is based on the sources used. Some studies may require primary data while others may demand secondary data.

e) State the significance of the study and cultivate the reader’s interest

You could capture the attention of the readers by using a hook to introduce the capstone project, or by stating how important your study is in relation to the others.