How to Write Personal Statement for a Job

How to Write Personal Statement for a Job

If you do not know how to write personal statement for a job, you are in good luck. This is because the task is not half as difficult as most people make it out to be. True, putting a personal statement together is a daunting task but this should not necessarily be the case.

Remember the reason employers ask for personal statements is because they want to know more about you. It helps them determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the position available. Therefore, a personal statement gives you the opportunity to express yourself and highlight anything in your background that might be of assistance to the employer which is not included in your application.

Steps on how to write personal statement for a job

Anyone who wants to know how to write personal statement for a job should follow the steps listed below:

Step 1

Start by envisioning your audience. Take a moment or two to think about the individual who will read your statement and what they could be looking for. Also think of the job description and industry for which you are sending your application. Review the mission statement of the company in order to acquaint yourself with its culture.

Step 2

List down achievements that are not listed in your application and explain why such achievements are of value to the employer. List all the skills you possess including people and communication skills.

Step 3

Write your career jobs and the reasons you are interested in the job. Think of things in your life that are unique and which have prepared you for the particular job. Have you had experiences or opportunities, such as far-reaching volunteer experience and time spend abroad, which are unique to you.

Step 4

If there are any questions that you have been asked to address by the employer, make sure that you do so. Prepare specific and detailed answers. Employers cannot assume things on your behalf therefore, ensure you are specific when stating your strong points.

Step 5

Begin writing the first draft of the personal statement and include your achievements, career goals and answers to employer questions. Use an essay style while writing the statement and the 5 paragraph essay model which has the first paragraph as the introduction, three paragraphs as the body and the last paragraph as the conclusion.

The sample essay here is an excellent example of an essay that follows the 5 paragraph style essay. By following the sample, it becomes easier for you to know how to write personal statement for a job.

Step 6

Revise the personal statement. You can ask a colleague or one of your peers to edit the statement and offer feedback. Once they are through, proofread the statement yourself. Evaluate every point you have made and its importance. You should also analyze it to confirm it is easy to understand and read and that it has the capability of supplementing your CV appropriately.

Tips on how to write personal statement for a job

What to include in the introduction

Remember that your introduction is supposed to lure the reader and act as your major selling point. Therefore, you must have an opening or heading that is appealing and ideally it should include:

  • A brief summary of who you are and your personal qualities
  • Reference to skills you possess and especially those that are best suited for the position you are interested in
  • An outline of your experience and area of expertise

Make sure that you entice the reader into reading more by writing a compelling introduction. Also, note there is no definite guideline on the length of a personal statement. Though this is the case, it is important to keep it interesting.

Writing the rest of the statement

Once through with the introduction, it is time to write the rest of the statement. Anyone who knows how to write personal statement for a job knows the following:

  • First, you need to think of descriptive words you intend to use to describe yourself such as experienced, motivated, approachable, professional, creative, organized, inspiring and helpful among others. Some of the skills you might consider including in your statement include an effective listener, innovative thinker, good at offering motivation to others and good public speaking skills.
  • While writing your statement, make sure you use third person narrative. This is because if you use first person, it appears as an opinion about yourself.
  • Compile a couple of short sentences that combine your pre-selected key skills and words. It is advisable to have two versions of a personal statement. One should target a specific industry or job while the other one should be multi-purpose which you can easily adapt in accordance to your requirements.
  • Feel comfortable while justifying and explaining points you include in your statement and be careful not to sound like you are stretching the truth.

Do’s and don’ts of writing a personal statement for a job


  • Set an appropriate tone and use words in a positive manner capable of reconditioning the reader.
  • Include relevant and appropriate information where necessary
  • Ensure you keep the personal statement within the recommended length to avoid the risk of adding fluff.


  • You should not pigeon hole yourself as an individual who can handle one profession only. Show the reader that you can adapt to different situations in accordance to the demands they have.
  • Include any information related to your life such as whether you are single or married, your age or the duration you have been unemployed.
  • Never include any negative aspects in the introduction paragraph.

Points to remember while writing your personal statement

With the following tips on how to write personal statement for a job, it should be easy for you to deliver an impressive statement that earns you that coveted position.

  • Keep the statement short. Ideally, the statement should be a couple of lines of about 50 to 100 words.
  • The first sentence of the statement is the most important and in some cases, employers never look beyond this. The first couple of words are supposed to state your professional in a manner that is positive. For instance “Experienced editor with…” or “CIPD qualified human resource manager, experienced in…”
  • The statement is supposed to describe your experience and skills. Where possible, use skill words mentioned in the position you are applying. It is recommended that you use figures to increase credibility.

Example: “Since the age of eleven, a hobby and a major interest of mine is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This year I won the Welsh Open under 18 absolute division and in 2010 I won a silver medal in the under 18 lightweight division in the European Championships…”- Read the entire essay sample here.

  • While giving your skills, make sure you use an adjective or two that describe who you are as a person in order to ensure employers get a clear picture of your strengths and personality. Words like ‘rigorous’ and ‘motivated’ etc. come in handy. Note that the adjectives you use should be relevant to your job and truthful.
  • Give employers an idea of what your next step is so long as it is related to the vacancy available.
  • Take time to read and re-read the statement. It is important that you ruthlessly edit it. You can clip out words instead of writing in complete sentences. For instance “I have experience of editing content for a website that won several awards’ can easily be shortened to “Website content editor for an award-winning site.”
  • Avoid use of “I” repeatedly, avoid vague descriptions of your skills and avoid clichés.
  • Read the statement loudly to make sure that it has a natural flow.
  • Seek a second opinion about the statement from trusted colleagues and friends
  • Always remember to check the personal statement whenever you submit your resume for any new vacancy. This is important as it ensures you tailor it to match that specific opening.

You can find additional personal statement examples here. Review them carefully in order to get a clear idea of how to write personal statement for a job.

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