How to Write Personal Profile in Resume

How to Write Personal Profile in Resume

It is always very important that you know how to write personal profile in resume in order to deliver an outstanding curriculum vitae. Besides, knowing how to write a personal profile for CV at school can also significantly enhance your writing abilities with regards to academic assignments. Continue reading for the best tips and examples on how to write good personal profiles for different kinds of resumes.

In order for you to properly know how to write personal profile in resume, you need to first understand what a personal profile is. Writing a personal profile entails giving an explanation of your personal traits to show the kind of a person you area, your attributes, qualities, experiences and even career prospects.

A personal profile can illustrate ideas or points that are listed in the resume and also some that you omitted but are important in making the application or request being submitted to sound unique and outstanding. However, this does not mean that you should discuss all the points presented in the resume. It should simply be used as a reminder to enable the person reading the resume to have a better understanding of you.

Mastering the art of how to write personal profile in resume will also enable you to easily learn how to express yourself better and relate well with others in terms of communication.

Tips on how to write personal profile in resume

A resume is a document that highlights your capabilities, interests and prospects for an opportunity. Therefore, there are points to always consider before writing in order to come up with a good personal statement that can make your application successful.

Read and practice the following guidelines to easily find out how to write personal profile in resume.

Establish the objective of the resume

Resumes can be written for various reasons including applications for internships, job opportunities, and volunteer positions among others. As a result of this, there may be slight differences in the way that each is written based on the reason.

Your personal profile must be written in a way that reflects what is contained in the CV. Therefore, you should first determine the reason for writing one in order to determine what should be included in the profile and how each should be discussed.

By establishing the objective of the resume, you will be able to easily determine what the recipient of the document expects in the personal profile. Besides, it will also assist you in establishing the relevant attributes to present in the profile so that your resume can meet the outlined qualifications.

Take time to reflect on your personal attributes

A personal profile is mainly focused on your capabilities as an individual and it is advisable that you first take time to examine yourself.

As you reflect on the attributes, bear in mind the expectations of the recipient in order to know how to carefully choose the appropriate information to present. Besides, you should also remember that a personal profile is just a short review of yourself and would not be enough to highlight all your attributes.

You can simply list the things that you would want to share in the profile. From the list, you should carefully analyze each in order to remain with only the key ones that can fit into the personal profile and provide a true reflection of who you are.

In order to make the analysis easier and fast, try to focus on those attributes that are relevant to the position that you want to apply for or reason for writing the resume.

Draft an outline

After settling on the main attributes that you would want to give in the personal profile, you can use them to create an outline. An outline is important in guiding you on what to include in the profile while writing.

In the outline, you do not have to write a full discussion but simply list the points to be addressed in the profile. In fact, it should be more of a structural sketch with the exact information or details to be highlighted in the personal profile section.

Checklist for personal profile in resume

After drafting the outline, it is advisable that you do not rush into writing since you may have made some mistakes that might ruin your personal profile. Instead, go through it keenly and make sure that it highlights the following key elements of a personal profile for CV.

  • Contains relevant information
  • Should be short and clear in every detail
  • Should contain positive information

After making sure that your outline has put into consideration the above elements, you can now proceed into writing the personal profile. Avoid using too much clichés and adjectives that may make your profile to sound vague. Instead, only give what is necessary and important on this part of the resume.

How to write personal profile in resume- Steps to follow

An outline is an important tool for planning how to write personal profile in resume. Having drafted one as instructed above, you can now proceed into writing your personal profile.

The steps outlined below will assist you in writing an outstanding personal profile for resume.

Open the profile with a punchy and ‘smart’ third person approach

Since the personal profile is usually what the recipient will read before looking at the resume, it should be attractive and subjective in order to give a better first impression. This approach entails the use of a verb at the start of your statement.

Your first sentences in the profile should underline the idea that whatever is presented is past event that was successfully completed. Try to begin every statement with a word or an attribute that makes a mark.

For instance, you can start the profile by stating;

‘’Introduced a call center function on shift working basis, re-engineered existing processes of claims and commissioned new Information Technology systems in support.’’

This approach will ensure that your resume does not look too personal or distant. However, you can also present the statements in first person, making sure that it does not make you look like you are bragging.

Clearly give a brief discussion of your attributes

After introducing the profile, you should now move on to explaining some of the capabilities that you possess and believe will meet the requirements for the position.

The resume profile should vividly show who you are with regards to occupational background and experience. Besides, it would also be ideal to highlight your sector knowledge and experience in various organizations.

You should also tell the recipient about the particular skills that you can offer and some of the things that you have so far done and achieved. It is also advisable that you narrow down to the key skills and experiences that make you unique and attractive.

At the end of the profile, you should clearly point out the roles, organization, cultures and challenges that would offer you the next right step forward. On the other hand, you should also indicate your future career prospects.

In simple terms, a personal profile for resume should explain who you are, what you have brought to the table and career aims.

Examples of personal profiles in resumes

Examples of resume profiles also provide better reference materials that you should look at. The following are samples to motivate you on how to write personal profile in resume.

Example 1

‘’I am a commercially-aware Business Analyst and qualified Management Accountant with more than 14 years experience working with high profile global organizations. Analytical with strong systems skills, I specialize in structuring, standardizing and streamlining financial reporting processes to give a more accurate and productive systems that can facilitate enhanced data visibility and better business decisions.’’ Read the whole personal profile for resume here.

Example 2

Sample personal resume statement for a school leaver

‘’A highly motivated and hardworking individual who has recently completed their A-Levels, achieving excellent grades in both maths and Science, I am seeking apprenticeship in the engineering sector to enhance my interest in science and begin a career as a maintenance engineer. Eventual career goal is to become a fully-qualified and experienced maintenance or electrical engineer with a long-term desire of moving into project management.’’ Click here to view the above sample personal profile.

Example 3

‘’I am a confident, highly driven graduate with hands-on experience in customer service and travel. Resourceful and proactive, I use a combination of effective communication skills and detailed product knowledge for identifying commercial opportunities and delivering satisfactory results for both customers and the organization while working alone or in a larger group of people. Currently, I am looking for a chance to enhance my career in the travel and tourism industry.’’ Read the whole personal profile here.

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