How to Write Personal Profile for Marriage

How to Write Personal Profile for Marriage

Interested in knowing how to write a personal profile for marriage? First things first. What is a personal profile for marriage? It simply refers to a detailed, personalized report that outlines your relational and individual strengths in relation to marriage.

Such a profile objectively and accurately describes the person you are in a relationship, aspects that motivate your values and wants as well as your communication skills. In a world that has become synonymous with dating, knowing how to write a personal profile for marriage is imperative. It makes it easy for couples to understand each other and saves time that would otherwise be spent dating different people.

The Outline

  • Type your sub header

This is where you are supposed to include “personal details” or vital statistics and should be the top, left side of your page. Beneath this, indicate your full names and beneath the names, on separate lines include your:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Sex
  • General physical appearance for instance, thin or muscular
  • Place and date of birth
  • Religion
  • Number of children if you have been married before or if you have children.
  • Education status which should include the university you are currently attending, those you graduated from and degrees you have earned.
  • Recent photograph of yourself. Ideally, this should be in full color
  • Drop one space down and type sub header “Employment Information

Use a separate line to list your current job, salary and position if you have one. In case you are a student and not working yet, mention the kind of job you intend to seek in future.

  • Add another space and type sub header “Family”

You are supposed to list names of immediate family in this section-your mother, father and siblings. Under every name, describe respective employment details where applicable

  • Type the sub header “additional information” or “hobbies”

In this section, you are supposed to include your hobbies and any other information that you feel is relevant. This might include sports you play, educational achievements and any other achievements that are not related to work.

  • Contact information

At the end of your personal profile for marriage, make sure you include information on how you can be contacted. This might include your email, home phone and mobile numbers.

Guidelines on how to write personal profile for marriage

Probably, the reason you want to know how to write personal profile for marriage is because you know it increases the possibility of finding your perfect match. With these tips, you should be able to write a profile that will be admired by numerous admirers.

  • Use a distinctive name

The kind of username you use will shed light into the kind of person you are. For this reason, it should not just be memorable but original and capable of summing up who you are. To get ideas on the kind of name to use, think of your location, personality, interests and background. Take time to critically think of a username before writing your profile.

  • Personal information

While creating your personal profile for marriage, the personal information you provide is very vital. It is also one of the easiest sections to write. Though this is the case, you must be honest and thorough. Do not say you are 5’6 when in reality you are 5’0. If you are an occasional smoker and you have kids, be honest. Do not lie about your age because no one wants to build a relationship that is based on lies. Always be you and other things will come naturally.

  • Greeting

Do not think of a personal profile for marriage as you would your school essay. Rather, consider it as a way of having fun. In the section of greetings, you can talk of things that you have not include in your personal information such as:

  • What are aspects that make you stand out/different?
  • What activities do you like doing?
  • What kind of person are you interested in?
  • What makes you unique from others?

Under no circumstance should you leave your greeting section blank and always make sure to check for grammar and spelling.

  • Write a headline that is compelling

Your opening headline or line is likened to the first thing someone sees on an ad. It is supposed to compel people into reading on to discover more about you. You should not be apologetic but rather intriguing and capable of raising questions.

A good example you can refer to is found here “I come from an upper middle class. The most important thing in my life is religious believes, moral values & respect for elders…”

Clearly, by following the sample above, you should be able to get a clue on how to write a personal profile for marriage.

  • Avoid clichés

The sad fact is that people have the tendency of saying the same thing in the same manner that everyone else does. This is not only boring but incapable of attracting the attention you want. Replace words that are commonly used such as “nice” and “good” by suing thesaurus. This will help you use alternatives that are more meaningful, interesting and capable of adding sparkle and spice to your personal profile for marriage.

Additional tips for writing a personal profile for marriage

  • Be self-confident, accurate, open and honest.
  • Write from the heart. When it comes to personal profile for marriage, there is nothing wrong with showing emotion
  • Bear in mind that your personal marriage profile is supposed to create an impressive first impression. It should be a reflection of your true personality.
  • While making a description of your hobbies, go into greater details and mention your favorite place/food joint or past time.
  • While making a description of yourself, include basic attributes regarding your achievements, future plans, nature and goals.
  • Write about the kind of expectations you have from a partner and make sure you use simple, exact and clear words. Your expectations are supposed to be genuine and understandable. Expectations as well as supposed to communicate attributes of the man or woman you want.
  • Do not be over descriptive but rather communicate things required in an effective manner using minimum words.
  • Flatter yourself is you are good at doing something or you are proud of your achievements. Confidence, which you should not confuse with ego is a very attractive quality and there are numerous ways through which you can flatter yourself and still, sound modest: “My friends say I’m…” or “If I was asked to describe one thing I like about myself…”
  • Focus on unique qualities-Anyone who knows how to write a personal profile for marriage knows the importance of including unique qualities in the profile. When you get the opportunity to describe yourself, ensure you let such qualities shine. Skip those things majority of people take for granted and pay special attention to those things that make you “you”. Probably, you speak a different language or possess unusual set of kills or interests. Or perhaps, you feeling passionately about something. Note that even the smallest things matter as well. For instance, if you have the tendency to change the color of your hair every fortnight, say so.

Examples of Personal Profile for Marriage

Example 1

Personal Information

  • Name: (First, middle and last name)
  • Age:
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Complexion
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Religion
  • Marital status (widowed, never married or divorced)
  • Children (if any)
  • Educational Qualification
  • Hobbies
  • Habits (smoking or drinking habits etc.)

Professional Information

  • Job status
  • Job description
  • Job profile
  • Job timings
  • Annual income
  • Name of company

Family Details

  • Father’s name
  • Qualification
  • Job description
  • Mother’s name
  • Qualification
  • Job description
  • Brother’s and/or sister’s name
  • Qualification
  • Job description

Click here for the complete outline of the above sample.

Example 2

Fatima Begum

23 Singleton road


Open country

020 8123 0456


Age 23

5ft 3 in (1.60m)

Single Never Married

British citizen

Parents originally from Bangladesh, Sylhet, Bishnath

Religious Muslimah-Sunni, observes prayer, fasts etc. and modesty through hijab and does not mix with men.


Bachelors in advertising and marketing 2.1


Marketing manager in a leading FTSE 250 company

For the complete personal profile above click here.

Note that once your personal profile for marriage is ready, you are supposed to proofread it in order to ensure it is grammatically correct and you convey information in the appropriate manner.

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