How To Write Dissertation Discussion Chapter

How To Write Dissertation Discussion Chapter

A dissertation discussion chapter tells the reader more about the findings.  This is actually the most important part of your research and thus, you’ll spend more time on it. Most students struggle a lot when writing a discussion section. Skill, more than just knowledge is required to write this section.

Learning how to write a discussion section is important because this is the place where

    • You get to explain and interpret your findings
    • You get to justify the type of research method used
    • You get to answer your research question
    • You get to evaluate your research objectives

Besides making your opinion known, here you also need to show that you are knowledgeable. To write a good discussion chapter, you need confidence. To convince someone that what you are saying is true, you need to be confident. You also need creativity to pass the message and thus this means that you use your imagination. Make the reader believe you by switching his mind to observe a situation your way.

Being the hardest part of your dissertation, you may find yourself overwhelmed by anxiety. But before worrying too much, take some time to read discussion chapters written by other researchers.

Since it’s the longest part of your dissertation, divide it into sub-headings or paragraphs. This should make it easier for readers to navigate through with ease.

When learning how to write a discussion section, follow the instructions provided by your supervisor. Some institutions allow students to include a conclusion in the discussion chapter, while others prefer that it’s a separate chapter.

Once done writing the discussion section, take time to evaluate it. You need the right ingredients to make your outstanding dissertation chapter.