How to Write an Expository Essay Thesis Statement

How to Write an Expository Essay Thesis Statement

It is advisable that you know how to write an expository essay thesis statement in order to deliver outstanding essay papers. The thesis is the basis of the paper and knowing how to write one can enable you to always deliver good academic papers. In the following section, you will find guidelines and examples to assist you in writing thesis statements for different kinds of essay papers.

In order for you to write this type of essay, it is important that you first understand what an expository essay and thesis statement is. This is recommended since it will enable you to narrow down to the specific requirements on how to write an expository essay thesis statement.

Writing an expository essay paper entails the explanation of a concept to the audience. Such information should however, not be clouded with your own opinions as the writer. A thesis statement on the other hand, is defined as the key argument that you will be looking towards defending in the paper.

A thesis statement is like the foundation on which your entire discussion will be based and requires proper thought.

Knowing how to write an expository essay thesis statement will not only help you in delivering good essays but also other academic papers like dissertations, reports and research papers. In this way, there is a higher chance that you will be able to significantly improve your general academic performance.

Guidelines on how to write an expository essay thesis statement

In writing a thesis statement for an expository essay, there are certain factors that you have to bear in mind so as to craft a good one. One of the most important things that you have to take not of is that a thesis statement is a claim that you will need to support throughout the paper.

Read on for more tips on how to write an expository essay thesis statement below.

Research on the subject of the essay

The best way through which you are able to get sufficient information for crafting the thesis statement is research. Based on the subject that you will discuss in the essay, it is advisable that you conduct extensive research to be able to get adequate ideas to choose from in order to come up with a proper argument or claim.

There are various sources that you can acquire information from including libraries, online and even from your friends at school. As you do the research, try to highlight some of the key points about the subject to give you an easy time in making a decision on the best angle to pursue.

Narrow down your points

The research will offer you a wide range of ideas and this may sometimes make it quite challenging when it comes to choosing a claim to explore in the essay. Thus, you have to be keen and also creative in your thoughts in order to raise an argument that will only sound compelling to the readers but also one that they can easily identify with or relate to.

The best way to go is to find a unique perspective of the subject that you can easily discuss without any problems. Based on the claim that you have settled on, try to make the idea simple enough so that readers can easily know what you will be discussing in the paper.

Carefully analyze the points and only settle on a claim that you can comprehensively discuss in a way that can convince your readers. Besides, it is also important that you carefully check your sources to ensure that you have credible information.

Draft an outline

Although many often assume this, it is quite important since an outline enables you to know exactly what to present in the thesis and how each idea should be presented. Besides, it will also enable you to remember the details to include in formulating the thesis.

In the outline, you can simply write a statement or two describing the particular argument that you want to highlight in the essay. The statement should show the main points of the claim and also any other supporting materials.

Steps to follow when writing an expository essay thesis statement

After crafting the outline, you are now good to go and can proceed to writing the thesis for your expository essay.

The following simple steps will assist you on how to write an expository essay thesis statement with ease.

Raise an argument

Using the facts or points that you have listed in the outline, you should start by creating a claim that relates to the topic of discussion. A thesis should not merely give facts or things that you feel can be interesting to readers.

The opening statement of the thesis should be claim or something that others can also have a chance of countering. It should be an open statement that readers can also argue out without any restrictions. In other words, you should not write a statement that seems rigid or final in the eyes of readers. For instance, a statement like, ‘’Die hard is a great movie’’ would not be a good thesis since it shows that you have already made up your mind on the subject.

Give enough detail

Although a thesis statement should be brief and precise, it does not mean that you should simply give points highlighting your argument. The aim of a thesis is to show readers what they should expect in the essay. Besides, it should also indicate that you understand what you will be discussing in the paper.

Avoid just stating that an idea is good or bad, instead, give further information that can make your readers to effectively understand the claim that is being raised. Give the readers your reason for claiming that something is good or bad. However, you should be careful not to empty all your points in the thesis. Only give necessary details that can make the claim to stand out.

In the thesis, it is also advisable that you tell the readers how you will be tackling every point in the essay so that they are well informed on what to expect from the essay.

A good thesis statement should never be too narrow or too broad but vividly show factual information that will be discussed in the body of the essay. Avoid vague statements and only focus on the basis of the paper.

Revise the thesis

In order to ensure that the essay expresses what you need to discuss in the essay, it is important that you revisit the thesis. Do not simply continue into the rest of the paper without making sure that the thesis effectively outlines your intentions.

By revising the thesis statement, you will be able to refine the statements to present the particular angle that you wanted to bring out in the discussion.

In order to make sure that your thesis meets the threshold of a good one, you should check if it contains the following aspects during revision.

  • It states a point or claim that you can vividly explain and prove
  • Focuses on a single idea that readers can easily understand
  • Neither too long or too short
  • Direct and authoritative
Examples of Expository Essay thesis statements

Another ideal way of knowing how to write an expository essay thesis statement is reading essay samples. Below are some examples that you can easily refer to for additional insights on how to write an expository essay thesis statement.

Example 1

Sample Expository Essay on American History: William McKinley President Election of 1896

‘’…The Republican presidential candidate, William McKinley won a sweeping victory in the Electoral College, with 271 electoral votes to Bryan’s 176. William McKinley received the nomination on the first ballot at the Republican convention in St. Louis, in June of 1896…’’

Click here to clearly see how the thesis has been presented in this sample expository essay.

Example 2

Example of expository essay thesis

‘’The typical college student of the 21st century uses technology in a wide range of ways including, the completion of assignments, social interactions with peers and family and access to information.’’

Find this sample expository essay thesis statement on this link.

Example 3

Sample Essay on Vaccination: Why Vaccinations Should be Mandatory

‘’Today, nearly 40% of American parents refuse to vaccinate their children due to a variety of unfounded fears. Vaccinations against diseases like polio, rubella and mumps, should be mandatory, without exception for all children of the United States who wish to attend school. These vaccinations are critical to the control and eradication of deadly infectious diseases.’’

Find the sample thesis statement here.

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