How to Write an Essay Fast

How to Write an Essay Fast

Although writing an essay ahead of the deadline is the best option, you should know how to write an essay fast because you might find yourself with a last minute essay to write at some point. Nobody wants to procrastinate. However, things keep get on the way and eventually you find yourself with just minutes or hours to the deadline. If you find yourself in such a situation, do not panic. Instead, stay positive and follow simple steps to write your essay fast. An essay is a scholarly piece of writing that gives the argument of an author-

Writing a concise and clear pose within a short period is among the most daunting tasks that you are likely to face during your college life. Usually, instructors require students to write essays within limited duration. These essays are on different subjects and they have different requirements. However, regardless of the subject or strictness of the deadline, there are steps that you can follow to write your essay really quick-

A step-by-step guide on how to write an essay fast


Spend at least 10 minutes planning on how to write the essay. This entails studying your essay question and choosing the topic of your essay as well as outlining it. If you have not been given a topic for your essay, take time to choose one. Visit reliable sources of information to choose a topic that you can easily find adequate and relevant information for.

While planning, develop a thesis statement for your essay. Your thesis statement should convey your arguments or points to the readers. It should be a road-map that will guide readers throughout the essay. It should announce the position that you will take in the essay regarding the topic. While developing a thesis statement for your essay, have its conclusion in mind. This is because your essay must support your thesis and readers should not be left hanging. Therefore, consider the conclusion that you will have for the essay. Have it written in your mind before you start the actual writing.


Visit all important sources of information and list your sources for referencing purposes. Your instructor might have specified the style to use in citing the work that you use in writing your essay. When you list down your sources while conducting research, writing and citing them in your essay becomes easier. Therefore, spend at least 45 minutes conducting research.

Actual writing

Take at least 15 minutes writing the essay. The duration that you take to write the essay depends on its length and complexity of the topic or the requirements of your essay. Since you have an outline, a thesis statement and the information that you gathered from your research, focus on writing each part of your essay. Each body paragraph should take you about three minutes to write. Make sure that your essay has an introduction that hooks the reader. You can do this in different ways.

For instance, you can use a surprising or interesting example for your introduction. This can be an important moment in the life of a great historical figure or your own experience. You can also use a provocative quotation. For instance, you can use a quotation from a prominent figure. A thought-provoking question or a vivid anecdote can also be a hook for your introduction.

Writing the body paragraphs

Forget the sweating that you may have undergone trying to make your introduction catchy. While writing the body paragraphs, shape your argument and provide relevant and adequate supporting evidence. Make sure that the information that you present in the body paragraphs is organized in a way that leads to the conclusion in a logical manner. For instance, when writing an essay on legalization of abortion, you can organize your body paragraphs on the basis of the following ideas as follows:

Paragraph 1: In the developed countries, abortion is one of the safest medical procedures.

Paragraph 2: More than a third of girls and women get unintended pregnancies.

Paragraph 3: 4.1 percent of all abortions in the U.S are done between 16 and 20 weeks while 1.4 percent abortions are done from 21 weeks and above.

Paragraph 4: There are good social, personal and economic reasons to conduct abortion on unwanted pregnancies.

How you organize your body paragraphs in terms of the information that you include in them and your ideas will show whether you know how to write an essay fast. Make sure that every paragraph is catchy by starting it with a strong point-

Each of the facts that you present in the body paragraph should have a source. Therefore, use the sources that you listed while conducting research to support the facts that you present in the body paragraphs.

If you are writing on a sensitive topic, ensure that the data or information that you use in supporting your argument is credible because some sources especially those run by activist organizations can be biased. While writing the body, always remember the purpose of your essay or thesis statement-

Write the conclusion

Draw your conclusion from the information that you present in the body paragraphs. The conclusion should be straight to the point and clear. Do not introduce new arguments or ideas in the conclusion. Instead, restate the main points and thesis in the conclusion in different words. Your conclusion should basically summarize the strongest arguments of the essay. The best way of writing a conclusion is going back to the essay and listing down the main points on which to base your conclusion.

For instance, the main point in the conclusion of the body ideas listed above can be, “abortion ought to be made illegal, but from twenty weeks…” continue the sentence by listing the main points of the essay that you used in making your case or argument.

Edit your essay

Everybody who knows how to write an essay fast will tell you that editing the essay is among the most important steps in writing the essay. Therefore, edit your essay to ensure that it is free of punctuation, grammatical and spelling errors. To identify the main errors in your essay, read it loudly. Make sure that you have provided credible sources to support the facts of your essay. Also ensure that it has linked paragraphs with properly flowing ideas. Additionally, make sure that your essay answers the question. If there was a word count limit, make sure that your essay is within the limit.

Bonus hints and reminders on how to write an essay fast

  • Ensure logical flow of ideas and information from the introduction to the conclusion.
  • Use reliable internet sources. Take time to identify reliable sources of information on the internet and use them as your sources.
  • Make sure that your essay answers the question or the writing prompt by ensuring that your main argument or thesis is the backbone of the essay.
  • Have a plan of the essay. For instance, your plan can include the introduction, four body paragraphs of reasonable length with each discussing a particular point or issue and the conclusion.
  • Use more quotations and adjectives to meet the word count. However, do not over-rely on this technique because it might lower the quality of the essay.
  • Do not plagiarize because plagiarizing any part of the essay can have severe consequences. It is better to submit a short but quality essay than to submit a plagiarized essay-
  • Organize your subheadings and headings to make your essay more organized and easy to read.
  • Focus on the analysis of few examples that you have instead of overloading your essay with examples-
  • Use linking phrases and words in connecting and rearranging the paragraphs of your essay.
  • Be calm and relaxed because complaining and whining will keep you from writing the essay within the time left to the deadline.
  • Drink adequate water, take breaks and have snacks but do not eat something heavy that might make you feel sleepy-

If you find these guidelines and hints difficult to follow, use a sample essay as your guide on how to write an essay fast.

Here are sample essays that you can easily find online:

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