How to Write an Essay Fast in an Exam

How to Write an Essay Fast in an Exam

Knowing how to write an essay fast in an exam is the best way to maximize the time for writing academic term papers and other assignments. Being able to write quickly gives you an opportunity to go through the work for better results. Continue reading to get the best tips, guidelines and examples for motivation on how to write an essay fast in an exam.

It is always a good idea to know how to write an essay fast in an exam, however, it is more important if you also know how to write a unique and outstanding essay paper. In this way, you can always be assured of successful results in all the examinations.

Since tests are given with limited deadlines, you should spend time in planning how the paper will be. However, you have to be cautious with time, in that, every part of the paper should be allocated a specific timeline.

Tips on how to write an essay fast in an exam

Practice the following guidelines before sitting for a test to easily master the art of how to write an essay fast in an exam.

Read and understand the requirements of the essay

The first step in any timed exam or assignment is to read and determine what is expected in the paper. It is only when you do this that you can proceed to planning on the angle to pursue in order to write a good paper within the given deadline.

Decide on the structure of the essay

You may have come into the exam room with various ideas or formats on how to write an essay. However, you might just find out that what you had in mind is not what is expected in the essay. Based on how the essay should be written with regards to the instructions, you should be able to formulate in your mind, the structure or how the essay will be presented.

The structure should be able to highlight your ideas as intended. Figure out the number of paragraphs you would expect to have in the essay. It is also important to consider how the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay should be within the shortest time.

Craft the thesis statement     

The thesis is also referred to as the basis of the paper since the entire discussion will be pegged onto it. Depending on the type of essay that you want to write, construct a statement that can summarize your thoughts into an idea or claim.

In the body and conclusion of the paper, you will be required to clearly explain the idea and provide substantial proof. Thus, it is advisable that you take some time to carefully think about the thesis statement before you start writing the test.

In order to save time, the thesis should be an easy claim that you can comprehensively argue out without difficulties. However, it has to be relevant and in line with the requirements of the test.

Steps on how to write an essay fast in an exam

Although speed is a crucial element when you want to write an essay test fast, there are a few things that you also have to consider in order to deliver a good paper within the deadline.

The steps outlined below can assist you on how to write an essay fast in an exam.

Draft an outline

After you have understood the requirements of the essay and formulated the thesis, you can now quickly make an outline to briefly highlight the points that you want to discuss. An outline will act as your writing plan and help you to remember what to include in the paper, in the required format.

In making the outline, simply list the key points, indicating the section of the paper where each will be discussed.

You can use bullets, numbers and even subheadings to highlight different points.

In the outline, it is also important that you write the title of the essay. However, you may want to change the words or revise it after writing since ideas often come up in the process of writing. Besides, you may sometimes be given a topic or title for the essay.

Write the introduction

Start writing the test by making an introduction of the subject and a few details to entice readership.

In the introduction of the essay, you should remember to include the thesis statement so that the reader knows well in advance what to expect.

Avoid using vague words and statements simply with the aim of pleasing your instructor. However, be straight to the point and make the introduction short.

Craft the body paragraphs

The body paragraphs present the bulk of the work since it is where you have to show the audience or tutor that you really understood the question and know what you are discussing.

In the order reflected on the outline, begin writing the body paragraphs. Try to create short paragraphs but with detailed explanation of the subject that you are talking about in the essay.

It is important to keep referring to the thesis as you write so as not to lose focus. Avoid very elaborate explanations, instead, use short statements to effectively answer the questions asked in the paper.

Just like in a typical essay, every paragraph should portray a different idea linked to the main argument of the essay. Besides, you should also give examples or evidence to support your points in order to earn more points in the exam.


Your conclusion should bring the discussion to an end while also reaffirming the thesis. This should be short but subjective enough to leave your instructor with something to think over.

Take time to revise the essay

As hinted above, you should not simply strive to know how to write an essay fast in an exam but also how to ensure that the paper is of the best quality. The most ideal way of accomplishing the two is taking time to go through the work after you are through with writing.

Read the whole essay quickly and keenly to ensure that any mistake that could have been during writing is punched out. With that, you can now submit the paper.

Examples of Short Essays

Timed essays are usually not very long considering the time constraints. Therefore, it is advisable that you also look through a couple of short essay samples to effectively master the art of how to write an essay fast in exam.

The following examples will clearly show you how to quickly write an essay exam of the best quality.

Example 1

Short Essay Paper about Happiness

‘’Humankind cannot continue living without desires. If one wants to be happy, surely, he has to establish his best desires that can accord him a happy life. Some of these desires that help in the continuation of our lives can include acceptance in our relationships, a good family life and strong social relations. Attempting to satisfy these desires has a great meaning in my quest for happiness.

To begin with, however embarrassed I am about this desire, I am obsessed with expecting others to accept my thoughts and manners in every situation…’’

Read the rest of this short essay paper here.

Example 2      

Short Personal Statement by a Geology Student

‘’Growing up in Canada with a life-long fascination for Canadian geography, I have always been interested in returning to the country. Although my family moved to the United States before I joined high school, I have always kept my eyes turned north, especially in recent years as I began reading journal articles about research done by John Evans Glacier, situated about 80 Degrees N latitude, Graduating next semester with a B.S in computer science and engineering and a minor in geographic information systems, I have an interest in joining the University of Alberta for graduate study…’’ Find the rest of this sample essay here.

Example 3

Talking about my Generation

The following essay is a typical exam paper with a question to enable you vividly see how to go about writing essay tests fast and in the right way.

‘’In the early 80’s, I walked across the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver. Not alone, however. With me were over 50, 000 others, mostly of my generation on the Walk for Peace. The desire to stop the nuclear arms race was a significant goal for us. Illustrative, I think, of one of three important qualities of my generation.

That desire for peace has been an important feature of my generation for quite a long time. I grew up in the 60’s and early 70’s. At that time, most of us took part in demonstrations against the Vietnam…’’

Read the entire sample here.

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