How to Write an Analysis Paragraph

How to Write an Analysis Paragraph

Contrary to what some students often think, knowing how to write an analysis paragraph is one of the easiest tasks that you can master on the go. By knowing how to write an outstanding analytical paragraph, you will be able to deliver top notch academic papers for a remarkable performance. Read on to find out how to write good paragraphs for analytical essays.

What is an analysis paragraph?

Determining what an analytical paragraph entails is the first step towards knowing how to write an analysis paragraph. Writing this kind of paragraph requires you to clearly convey your thoughts and provide evidence to support the claim or argument of the paper. The paragraph has to show the readers that you properly understand the idea that you are discussing in the text.

For instance, a scientist has to give his or her hypothesis, prove and support it with compelling evidence for the concept to be accepted or considered by an audience. This is almost similar to what you are required to do when it comes to writing an analysis paragraph. It means that you have to properly explain the ideas expressed in every paragraph into detail and give proper evidence to support each. In this way, your claim in the paper will be able to have an impact on the intended audience.

Apart from just enhancing your academic performance, knowing how to write an analysis paragraph can also be an ideal way of improving your communication skills; both written and spoken.

Guidelines on how to write an analysis paragraph

Although some may think that writing an analytical paragraph simply involves making arguments or tabling a discussion, there are certain basic elements that you have to highlight in order to make your ideas compelling.

Carefully read the following tips in order to easily master the art of how to write an analysis paragraph.

Know what is required in the paper

Many students often forget to read and understand the instructions, instead, rush into writing with the assumption that they know what to say in the paper. However, it should be noted that you can only deliver a good analysis paragraph and paper if you know what is expected of the assignment.

After determining what the assignment requires, you can now begin looking for approaches to take in order to convey your ideas or claim.

Take time to think of the ideas to discuss

Writing is an art and requires you to first make sure that you have in mind, what you need to relay to the intended audience, which in this case is your readers. In fact, you will find that it is quite easy to discuss a subject that you understand well than one that you do not.

If the analysis essay is about a speech, article, and film or in any other form, it is important that you go through the piece of work carefully so as to know what is expressed therein. As you do this, you can also consider checking some past analysis papers to familiarize yourself with how the paragraphs should be presented.

Try to brainstorm in order to get various ideas on the subject of the paper. This implies you can do further research on your own to generate content for your paragraphs.

Organize your ideas and evidence

In writing analytical paragraphs, you have to vividly explain your thoughts and give evidence to support each claim. Based on the ideas that you have gathered, there should be a proper format in which every issue is addressed to create coherence and smooth flow of ideas.

It is advisable that you list the points or ideas that you need to present in the paper according to how you want them to appear in every paragraph. Under each idea, write the supporting evidence so that you can easily remember each one when writing.

It would be advisable that you only pick points or ideas that are outstanding and have proper evidence to support them.

Steps on how to write an analysis paragraph

Just as pointed out above, there are certain aspects that have to be shown in an analytical paragraph. These include the topic sentence, proof or evidence, analysis and connective phrases. The following steps will guide you in finding out how to write an analysis paragraph that has got all the required components.

Topic sentence

In the first lines of the analysis paragraph, it is very important that you make a claim that is debatable. The topic sentence is the basis of the paragraph and has to be clearly outlined.

Give the specific argument and put it in a way that readers can easily understand without struggling. Avoid vague statements or too much exaggerations since those may distort your argument.

The claim that you make should not only be linked to but also supportive of the thesis statement of the paper. However, the topic sentence can be more than a sentence based on the argument raised.


After highlighting your idea, it should be backed up by evidence. The reason why it is always recommended that you give evidence is to make the readers understand better, the particular point that is being addressed. The support is the material that will help in proving your topic sentence.

In academic paper writing, proof usually refers to quotes from the given piece of work that you are analyzing or other relevant sources.

When paraphrasing or giving quotations in the paragraphs, you have to ensure that they are expressed in the required style of the paper. The commonly used referencing styles today include MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and Turban.

The evidence that you provide has to fully support the respective topic sentence in order to make your idea more comprehensible.


In writing an analysis paragraph, you should not assume that readers will also draw similar conclusions to yours. Thus, it is important that after giving proof for the topic sentence, you should clearly tell the readers how you want them to understand the idea expressed therein.

By clearing the air on what your topic sentence and support means, you will be eliminating any confusions or misinterpretations on the part of readers.

The analysis should be written with the kind of tone that is required in an essay conclusion; it should give the reader an impression.


Analytical essays are usually written in several paragraphs, mostly three to four or more. This implies you have to also know how to link one to another for proper flow of ideas in the paper. Transitions should also be used in bridging the various parts of the paragraph; topic sentence, proof and analysis.

Some of the transitions to use in writing the analysis paragraph include words like however, and, also, therefore, thus, for instance, for example among others. Use them sparingly across the paragraph to show relationships between the outlined ideas.

It is always advisable that you write short paragraphs in order to make the paper easy to read. However, the length of paragraphs may vary based on the claim or argument being addressed.

Examples of Analysis Paragraphs

Analysis paragraph samples are also a good resource that you should consider in order to effectively master the art of how to write an analysis paragraph. The following are some of the best ones that you can refer to.

Example 1

Operations Strategy and Process Design in Starbucks Coffee

‘’As presented in figure 1, there are several activities taking place at Starbucks Coffee. The coffee beans come from farmer, then move to the intermediaries and eventually cooperative societies who handle their distribution (Hess 2010). Thus, the marketing companies and exporters are able to get the coffee beans. The importers and brokers are charged with the duty of making supplies of the beans to the designated locations….’’

Read the rest of this sample analysis paragraph here.

Example 2

Sample Essay on Artefact Analysis

‘’It should be noted that eclecticism, which is portrayed in the excerpt means a lot in arts. It refers to the use of old and contemporary knowledge in order to create something unique and new. Of importance is that the product acquired from this process always confuse people. That is why the society accuses electric artists of their inconsistent thinking. This lack of consistency can be easily spotted in the given artifact…’’

Find the rest of this sample analytical paragraph on this here.

Example 3                                          

Sample Analysis Essay on Issues of Contemporary Canada: Missing Aboriginal

‘’Violence against aboriginal women has notably become one of the most significant problems that they experience in substantial measures (Knopf, 2008). Despite the increase in numbers of disappearances and murders of Aboriginal women and girls, the government of Canada has not showed due diligence and its responsibilities in bringing the perpetrators to book. The government has also failed in making implementations on elaborate plans to ensure that these women are accorded protection (Knopf, 2008)…’’

Click here to read the entire analytical paragraph and essay.

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