How to Write an Academic Resume for College

How to Write an Academic Resume for College

Attending college marks the beginning of adult life as it represents independence and freedom. To be admitted to college, students must prove their academic qualifications and abilities through an academic resume.

Writing a winning academic resume requires a lot of practice.

  • Gather all the information your need-grades, honors, certificates, volunteer accomplishments, sports awards, leadership awards, and other notable achievements from your high school. Leave out anything that sounds irrelevant and includes only the most helpful achievements.
  • Choose an academic resume template that emphasizes your academic qualifications, achievements, and extra-curricular activities.  There are numerous resources online that provide resume templates/samples for various purposes. Find a template that states something to do with your undergraduate studies.
  • In the Education category, include the course of study, grades, and tentative graduate date. Also include awards and honors or any special recognition for outstanding academic performance.
  • List down extracurricular activities you commissioned, chaired, designed, or spearheaded. Highlight the specific leadership qualities exhibited in the field and include any accolades received either as an individual or as a team. Although the main focus is on academic performance, it’s good to show that you are an all-around citizen.
  • Provide information about your abilities, skills, and interests. Show the admission committee that besides academics, you are also socially healthy. If having traveled a lot, show the committee how important the experience was to you. I tried politics or any other study besides what you want to pursue, show the reasons and how you plan to nurture these interests.

However, do not get carried away−remember that this is an academic resume, thus a formal document.  Keep your tone professional throughout the document.  A good academic resume should not go beyond two pages; otherwise, it will only bore the committee.

If still unable to write your own academic resume, consult professionals