How to Write a Thesis Statement for High School Papers

How to Write a Thesis Statement for High School Papers

Do you find it hard to write a thesis as a student in high school? Take comfort because you aren’t the only one who doesn’t know how to write a thesis statement for high school papers. This article is meant to show you how it’s done. These are some of the issues that linger in minds of many young learners out there. The good news is that they can get effective guidelines from tutors or help from professionals and master the art of writing papers. A thesis statement is an outcome of a lengthy thinking procedure where you use diverse techniques to stimulate your thinking.

A well written thesis statement will tell your readers how you will interpret the significance of the topic question. It also tells the reader what to expect from your paper. For readers who are good in debates and want to make claims on a certain topic of choice, a thesis statement presents the best opportunity. It takes a lot of skills, dedication and discipline to come up with a distinctive and argumentative single sentence in the first paragraph of your paper.

How to Write a Thesis Statement for High School Papers and Exhibit Competence

It takes a lot to be a competent writer and submit quality high school papers. Like many other writing assignments, it also requires day to day exercise to master how to write a thesis statement for high school papers. Do not contemplate that it is an easy task to write a thesis, as you have to develop a single sentence within your first paragraph. A good thesis statement entails a lot of crucial facets that you have to be well versed with before you start writing.

Writing a strong thesis statement entails making definitive statements confidently and in a persuasive manner. Many students wonder where to start because more often than not they don’t know how to write a thesis statement for high school papers. A strong thesis will make researching, outlining and writing quality papers easier as it helps keep you on track. When this assertion is well-developed and executed, it holds a number of features, and they include;

  • It sums up your stand point
  • It is a complete single sentence in a paragraph
  • It ascertains the aim of your paper
  • It is specific enough to meet the stipulated length of your paper
  • It offers a guide as you write down your paper and
  • Conveys something imperative with regards to your choose paper topic.

You should not come up with weak thesis statement for your short essay or related high school paper with the above characteristics in mind. Without a sound and strong thesis assertion, your argument in the entire paper will sound weak, lack direction and fail to meet the requirements of your tutor.

How to come up with a good Thesis Statement

The structure, nature and outline of your thesis statement will depend on the kind of paper that you are writing. You can look for samples papers and know how to properly dissect your thesis and ensure that it will offer a quick outline of what your paper is all about. This is how you write a thesis statement for high school papers:

  • Ensure that your thesis stays focused and not too broad- Your paper will lose direction if you try hard to argue an overly broad high school paper topic.

For example; do not write, “Consuming fast food is bad habit and should be shunned.” You can write, “Americans should get rid of the regular eating of fast food as these diet contributes to preventable and expensive health problems that include heart disease, obesity and diabetes.”

  • Center your paper on an arguable topic- You can bring back the old high school maxim “that is debatable”, in thesis statement writing context. Make sure that you are able to argue for or against throughout your piece. Provide facts that your readers will fancy and base their ideas on. For instance;

Avoid, “There are a large number of homeless people living in Georgia.”

Write,” Homeless people, in Georgia ought to be provided access to services such as, food donations, camping facilities and public restrooms, as it would enhance life for all citizens of the city.”

  • Make claims that you will easily support in the paper- The claims that you come up with are crucial while creating a road map for your argument. Pick assertions that you can easily back with enough facts in the entire paper. For example;

Avoid, “Humans should move to Mars”

Go for, “It is too late to save earth, as a result, humans should immediately set a date to move to Mars, where with suitable planning, they can shun issues such as famine, global warming and war.”

Steps by Step Guide on How to Write a Thesis Statement for High School Papers

It is never easy to prepare your intended readers to read, but a good and strong thesis statement presents the finest strategy. As a competent writer, your thesis statement will make the entire writing process easy as it will be your planning tool. It will also clarify the relation between your ideas and unify the material you want to provide. If you are writing your first thesis statement, it is wise to always get it right.

Below are steps on how to write a thesis statement for high school papers:

  1. Start by stating your thesis statement correctly– This is the assertion that conveys to the reader the points or argument you want to make in the paper. Ensure that it takes a stand, it is debatable and explains what you intend to discuss. Ensure you get the sound of your thesis right by using words like “because” and language that is definitive.
  2. Determine where to place your thesis– Due to the crucial role played by thesis statement, make sure that it appears at the beginning of the paper, somewhere in the introduction or at the end of the first paragraph. Its location can depend on the length of the introductory sentence you need before you bring out your thesis or length of the paper. It is wise to limit your thesis statement to one or two sentences in length.
  3. Choose a topic that interests you– Picking the best topic should be the first step in writing your paper. However, this should be your third step if the tutor picks the topic for you.
  4. Explore your topic and find a better angle to make argument– Ensure you can narrow the topic down for easier understanding. Avoid vague topics that do not make good theses.
  5. Start with a question– Pick a question that will meet the requirements of thesis writing. If the topic question is provided, consult your instructor and seek more clarification.
  6. Enhance your thesis statement– Analyze your thesis statement once you have a working version. Look out for any mistakes that may weaken your thesis statement. Re-read your thesis and ensure any changes you make are suitable and match the thesis. Check grammar, punctuation and related flaws in the paper.

Use of samples papers is helpful in understanding how to write a thesis statement for high school papers. Unfortunately, make sure that the samples are written by experts. A below par sample of thesis statement will not offer all details on how to write a good thesis. You can get a few samples from your tutors or visit reputed writing websites. As you go through your sample of thesis, do not plagiarize what the author has written, but get clues on what your paper should feature. Your work should be unique always. Here a few samples of thesis statements to learn from;

  • A sample of narrowed and debatable thesis statement;

America’s anti-pollution efforts ought to concentrate on privately owned cars because it would allow most inhabitants to contribute in national efforts and care about the consequence –

  • Sample of thesis statement on alcoholism

Drinking alcohol before the age of 18 is harmful to health. This is not just when it comes to the physical damage it may cause, but the emotional turmoil that may occur. Consequences are invariably inevitable and may change a person’s life forever. To drink as underage because it is said to be “cool” is not reason enough to risk changing one’s life…

  • Sample of an effective thesis statement

Widely ridiculed as escape reading, romance novels are essential as a proving platform for many inexperienced writers publishing their first work and, more significantly, as a showcase for strong heroines-

We hope now you know how to write a thesis statement for high school papers. However if you are still having difficulties you can get in touch with us for assistance. Visit our homepage for more information about our academic writing services. You can also continue reading more academic paper writing guidelines and sample papers on this blog.