How to write a Thesis Sentence

How to write a Thesis Sentence

What is a thesis sentence and how do you write a thesis sentence?

Writing a thesis sentence can be quite a vexing experience. This is especially true if you do not have the slightest clue on how to write a thesis sentence. Consequently, there are a couple of things you need to learn first. A thesis sentence is just that once sentence in your paper with the capacity to control, structure and assert your argument. Any paper that lacks a thoughtful, strong thesis sentence is deemed unfocused.

Diverse disciplines have different notions regarding what makes an excellent thesis sentence. While this is the case, there are general characteristics that every sentence must have. Understanding these will help you write a winning sentence and they include:

  • It defines the scope of argument-A thesis sentence should determine the scope of what you intend to discuss as well as what you will not discuss. Every paragraph therefore, is supposed to support the thesis.
  • It shapes the argument-A thesis sentence is supposed to signal the reader about the claim you intend to make and how you will present your argument. This means it influences the shape or structure of your argument.

Where to place the thesis sentence

If you want to know how to write a thesis sentence there are a couple of things you need to consider. To start off, remember that the thesis sentence should be provided early in the essay. Secondly, you should consider whether the thesis sentence is for shorter or longer essays.

For shorter essays, it should be in the introduction while for longer ones, it should be in the second paragraph. This is important as it helps in establishing your position and also gives your readers direction.

Therefore, in order to write an impressive thesis sentence:

  • Avoid introducing the sentence too late in the paper or burying it in the middle
  • Be as specific and clear as possible and also, avoid the use of vague words
  • Indicate what the point of your paper is but do not use sentence structures such as, “The point of this paper…”

Is the sentence specific?

Your thesis statement ought to be specific and clear. Note that as you continue revising your paper’s argument, it will be necessary for you to refine your thesis as well. This is important as it makes it possible for you to get a better definition of where your argument is taking you.

Check the thesis

  • Does your sentence imply an unfocused and fuzzy thesis?
  • Are there sentences which are loosely such as “and”, “for”, “yet” or “so”?
  • Consider whether use of subordinating conjunction such as “although”, “through” and “since” can increase the appeal of the sentence.

Avoid writing a thesis sentence that is too general

While writing the thesis sentence, you should limit it to what will be accomplished in the pages you are supposed to deliver. Ensure you shape the topic of your paper such that you are able to get to the center of the topic. It is crucial to be as specific as possible since it increases the chances of saying what matters most rather than being too general.

The thesis statement you write should be narrow, crisp and focused. It should not be superficial, broad or sprawling as it beats the purpose of the sentence.

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Write a clear sentence

The thesis sentence is not an exception to the rest of your writing. As such, you should be clear while writing it to ensure your reader understands what you are implying. So as to be specific in your sentence, you should consider the following:

  • Do not use technical language unless you are working on a technical paper. Never use jargon unless 100% confident the target audience is conversant with it.
  • Avoid use of vague words like “difficult”, “interesting”, “unusual” and “negative”.
  • Avoid using abstract words like “values”, “culture” and “society”.

Note use of such words does not tell the reader much if they are not explained carefully. You should not, under any circumstances make the assumption that the meaning of your thesis sentence is clear.

The sentence should include a comment regarding the issue at hand

While writing your thesis statement, bear in mind that it ought to achieve more than simply announce your topic. It is supposed to reveal the position you have taken in regard to the topic, how you intend to analyze or evaluate the issue or subject at hand. In simple terms, rather than state a general fact or turning to a simple con/pro statement, make a decision on what you intend to day.

Tips on how to write a thesis sentence

  • Avoid making a mere announcement of the topic. Make sure your specific and original “angle” is clear. This will help you enlighten the reader on why the stance you have taken is important.

Example of original thesis statement: In this essay, I am going to deliberate on the relationship between fairy tales and early childhood.

Better revised thesis example: Fairy tales are not empty stories for kids as they shed light on the psychology of children.

  • Avoid pro/con or universal statement

Example of original thesis: It is mandatory to save the whales

Example of revised good thesis: Because the health of our plant is dependent on biological diversity, the whales must be saved.

  • Whenever you make a judgment call, make sure you justify and specify your line of reasoning. A solid argument cannot be based on the term “just because”.

Original thesis example: The best form of government in Uganda is socialism.

Revised better thesis example: If the governments takes over in Uganda, the industry will be more efficient.

Avoid simply reporting a fact. You have to do more than simply state a proven fact while writing your thesis. This means you have to go further with your ideas or your point will not matter. Knowing how to write a thesis sentence is simple so long as you follow these guidelines.

Original thesis example: The administration of Hoover was marred by scandal.

Revised better thesis example: Problems of the nominating process used by the Republican Party were revealed by the numerous scandals of Hoover’s administration.

You should not expect to have a thesis sentence that is fully formulated before you complete writing your paper. This is attributed to the fact inevitably, the thesis will develop and change as you include more ideas into your paper. Therefore, you should begin with a thesis sentence that is tentative and revise it as the paper develops.

  • Originality of your thesis statement-You should avoid formula statements and generic arguments. While such will work well in getting your rough draft started, it easily bores the reader. Keep making changes until your sentence is a reflection of your own unique ideas. The idea is to ensure your paper matters by answering the question, “so what”? You should be ready to explain why your position is important and why the reader should read it to the end.

While writing your thesis statement, always make sure you use your own unique words and avoid quoting at all costs. It is imperative that you craft a thesis sentence that is insightful, original and memorable to ensure you impress the reader. As a writer, it is easy to lose credulity if you are a copyist or mouthpiece of another individual. Therefore craft your thesis sentence careful and ensure it reflects on your commitment, intelligence and enthusiasm as a writer.

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Above all, as you get to know how to write a thesis sentence, always keep in mind your argument. It is important before structuring the thesis to consider the first argument that came into mind when you thought of your topic.

Doing this will go a long way to ensure that you write a winning sentence. Throughout the process of writing your thesis, keep your thesis statement in focus and you will be surprised at how much you can achieve by doing so.

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Our hope is that from the above guidelines you now know how to write a thesis sentence with ease.

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