How to Write a Thesis for Research Paper Examples

How to Write a Thesis for Research Paper Examples

Being a student, you should know how to write a thesis for research paper examples because a thesis will always be at the core of most academic papers that you will write throughout your academic life. A thesis is a statement that reflects the argument that you make in a research paper. It is a sentence that makes the claim of a research paper that can be disputed by others-

A thesis for a research paper is usually one or two sentences that appear in the first paragraph of a research paper and they present the argument of the paper. The other parts of the paper or the body presents evidence in an organized way in supporting the claim or persuading readers about the logic of the interpretation that is presented in the paper.

Guidelines on how to write a thesis for research paper examples

An effective thesis for research paper examples should be clear and specific in stating the purpose of a research paper. This is because it asserts, control and structure the argument of the entire paper. Since you are writing a thesis for researcher paper examples, you should come up with a sound thesis that can easily be understood by the reader. It should also be strong, interesting and providing direction to the reader.

Pick interesting topics for your research paper examples

This should always be the first step in writing theses for your research paper examples. This is because how you write every aspect of the sample paper will depend on the topic that you will be writing the paper on. However, there are cases when you may have somebody else decide the topic of your research paper.

Explore the topic

Exploring the topic of your research paper example will enable you to narrow down the subject that the topic requires you to address or argue about while writing the research paper example. For instance, there are many aspects that should be considered when writing a research paper example on computers. They include software, hardware and programming. However, these are vague topics and they cannot make strong theses for research paper examples. Nevertheless, a topic like the effect that Steve Jobs had on modern industry of computers is clearer and can therefore be used to formulate a thesis of a research paper example.

Know the kind of research paper examples that you are writing

This entails knowing the purpose of the paper and its intended audience. Usually, instructors assign research papers but you can choose the kind of papers to write when writing research paper examples. It is important to know the kind of a research paper example that you are writing because these will considerably impact on your thesis. For instance, when writing a thesis for a persuasive research paper example, your purpose is to present the argument followed by evidence for supporting the claim. For a descriptive research paper example, a thesis should provide a description of something to a given audience group.

Write down a thesis that describes the research project

A research paper is written after conducting a research. Therefore, a thesis for a research should describe the research project in a brief manner. It should tell readers why the paper or project is important and why readers should care.

List down opposing evidence if it exists

During your research, you may have come across opposing evidence. List it down and summarize it to include it in your thesis and then come up with a thesis that provides an overview of the research. Your thesis should be a concise summary of the information or argument that will be made in the research paper example-

Narrow down, clarify and refine your thesis

Anybody who knows how to write a thesis for research paper examples knows that a good thesis is narrow, clear and refined. It should include only what will be discussed in the paper. Therefore, narrow down your thesis to ensure that it tells readers only what will be covered in the paper. This enables readers to know whether the research paper example provides the information or data that they are looking for.

Revise your thesis accordingly

Always remember that you do not have to write an absolute thesis. Your thesis should be subjected to changes as you write your research paper example- If your opinion or direction changes as you write the paper, revise your thesis accordingly. Therefore, re-read thesis continuously and always compare it with the research paper example that you are writing to make appropriate changes when necessary. After completing your paper, re-visit your thesis to determine whether it needs revision.

These samples will help you know how to write a thesis for research paper examples

A good thesis is not easy to write because it requires you to explore your topic, think and analyze the available evidence to support it. However, with sample theses you can easily know how good theses for research paper examples should be written.

Here are examples of theses for different topics of research paper examples that should guide you in writing your thesis:

Example # 1

Topic: The One-Child Policy of China ought to be reversed

Thesis: The intention of the one-child policy of China was to help in controlling population growth. However, it has caused negative and unintended consequences that include a reduction in labor force, neglecting human rights, increase in aging population, and imbalance in gender population. Therefore, this policy ought to be reversed to improve the current situation in China.

Example # 2

Topic: Foreign Aid that goes to Africa is not effective

Thesis: Foreign aid that goes to African countries hurts them and it therefore ought to be discontinued since the practice has increased the vulnerability of most African countries to currency fluctuation, inflation, civil unrest and corruption.

Example # 3

Topic: Marijuana ought to be legalized

Thesis: There are several applications of marijuana that include treating glaucoma, cancer and epilepsy symptoms. Legalizing its use in the United States will have great benefits for the medical sector since it will allow physicians to access it with ease.

Determining whether your thesis for research paper example is strong

Anybody who reads your thesis will tell whether you know how to write a thesis for research paper examples depending on its strength and effectiveness. Basically, there are questions that you need to ask to determine if you have a strong thesis for your research paper example- Read more here.

They include:

  • Does your thesis answer the question or writing prompt?

You should re-read your thesis and the question to determine if it answers the question prompt fully. If it does not, rewrite it.

  • Is the thesis specific?

Usually, a vague thesis cannot make a strong argument. Avoid a thesis that includes words likes good or successful and instead include more specific words.

  • Is your thesis disputable?

The position that a thesis takes should be challengeable or one that others can oppose. A statement that cannot be disagreed with is not a thesis. It is simply a summary of an argument or a statement of facts.

  • Does your thesis pass the “so what” question?

A thesis that leads to the “so what?” question after reading it is not strong and effective. Therefore, make it clearer or connect it with a larger issue.

  • Does your thesis pass the “how and why” question?

If after reading your thesis the first question that one asks is “how… or why…”, then it does not provide guidance to the reader and it could be open ended. Therefore, make it clearer or add something to make it clearer to the audience.

  • Is your thesis supported by your research paper example?

Your thesis should be supported by the rest of the research paper example without wandering. If you have a thesis that does not work properly with the body, change it. Remember that a thesis should not be absolute and it should be revised accordingly so that it can work according to your topic and argument. Make sure that your thesis reflects the things that you identified as you start writing the research paper example.

Additional guidelines on how to write a thesis for research paper examples

  • Your thesis should enable you to keep the argument of a research paper example focused. Therefore, do not use vague words in writing your thesis
  • Avoid technical language unless when writing a technical research paper example
  • Make sure that your thesis does more than announcing the topic of your research paper example or simply stating a fact.
  • Avoid universal judgments that will oversimplify a complex issue.

Need help with theses for research paper examples?

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