How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper Examples

How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper Examples

Knowing how to write a thesis for a research paper can be challenging, but with good thesis examples, it becomes an easy task. A thesis is a statement that shows highlights, acts as a lighthouse for target audience by tells by telling them about the paper you are analyzing. Examples of thesis statements therefore, help you to formulate a good thesis statement by offering more understanding of the purpose of your research.

When asked to write a thesis for a research paper, it is essential that you define the specific assignment question and ensure that you have clear understanding of the academic writing task. In this case, examples of research papers thesis will help you apply essential critical thinking skills including

  • Comparison
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Argumentation
  • Reflection and
  • Interpretation among others

Therefore, your thesis statement should take a good form reflecting the goal of your writing. You have to ensure it is well constructed and keeps you as well as the writer focused. It should not mislead you in your writing. What’s more, it should make an argument, claim or a statement; pick a side, focused and debatable.

Examples on how to write a thesis statement for research paper examples

Reading examples will help you know how to write a thesis for a research papers makes your writing task simple. Most importantly, it enables you to develop a tentative thesis statement to help you focus your research and analysis and manage the writing process professionally.

Research paper statement examples also help you to be professional in your writing. In this case, be professional and avoid collecting as well as analyzing evidence till you get an idea of the main claim. Therefore, brainstorm and determine the claim you will make in the paper.

Note that writing a thesis for a research paper is a recursive process. Examples of thesis statements will as a result help you in planning and writing in the early stages. You will stay focused on the evidence in a specific way to give more strength to your paper. Additionally, you will be in a position to clarify your argument and give target audience a better understanding of what your paper is all about.

Examples of questions to help you know how to write a thesis for a research paper

To formulate a good thesis, you need to ask yourself different questions including

  • What kind of implications or patterns emerge when I closely look at my evidence or claim?
  • What kind of support do I need to support my thesis statement?
  • Does all the evidence adequately account for my tentative thesis?
  • How can I explain any mismatch between my thesis statement and selected evidence?
  • Is there a way that I can rewrite my thesis statement to fully accommodate the evidence that doesn’t fit in my research?

Practicing with examples on how to write a thesis for a research paper with the above questions in mind will help you develop a solid thesis. You will be in a better position to match the evidence and your research analysis in a way that will eventually enable you to write a defensible and polished statement in your final draft.

Additionally, you will be able to write your thesis as a complex sentence. This doesn’t mean that your statement should be hard to understand. It simply means that you will use proper professional language and the right sentence structure to reinforce your ideas. Learning how to use language and sentence structures will also enable you to create more emphasis in your paper and to convey hierarchy of ideas.

Examples of research paper thesis help you to test strength of your argument

Reviewing examples of how to write a thesis for research paper examples also help you to strength of your statement. This is based on the fact that the help you to

Understand how to show depth and analysis of your thoughts and determine whether the thesis is just descriptive

Determine whether your statement truly presents an argument about the real content or is it just a worded claim

With examples of thesis statement, you can also tell whether your claim is contestable or not (one of the rules to writing a thesis for research paper is to write a statement that can be argued. In this case, you ought to ask yourself if target audience will potentially argue with you on the stance you take).

Thesis examples additionally enable you to check if your statement is defensible (determine whether you have utilized qualifying expressions including primarily, or for the most part, to ensure the statement is more defensible.

Last but not least, a thesis example will help you to check whether your thesis statement generates or answers the so what question.

Frequently asked questions on how to write a thesis for a research paper

As you learn how to write a thesis for a research paper and review good examples, there are frequently asked questions you need to know.

Should a thesis statement follow a three part structure?

No, a thesis for a research shouldn’t necessarily follow a three part structure. Therefore, feel free to utilize few or many points as long as they match your research question. You should also ensure that the format you follow enables you to make a solid argument.

Should a thesis for a research paper be just one sentence?

No, while it is always recommended that you master how to write a thesis for a research paper clearly and in the most concise manner, you can articulate your argument in more than a sentence. Many people often try to adhere strictly to one sentence rule and end up reducing the complexity and relevance of their statements.

Therefore, be open -minded and use short and clear sentences. This can be three to four sentences that clearly convey the significance of your study.

Where should you put your thesis statement?

In many research paper thesis examples, you will find out that most statements are written at the end of the introduction. This is one of the guidelines to writing a good thesis statement. Even so, it is not restricted that you should have your argument at the end of your introduction.

For this reason, put your thesis somewhere in the opening parts of your introduction. It will enhance your statement and you will have already established its context, thus giving target audience a better understanding of your claim.

Should the first pronoun be used when writing a thesis statement?

From research paper thesis examples, you will learn proper use of first pronoun and the voice to use in your statements. Generally, the use of ‘I’’ in a thesis is often your personal reference based on your writing style.

However, there are claims and arguments that are explicitly worded and others need to be expressed in a detached and neutral way. In either case do not restrict yourself to the use of first pronoun in your thesis.

Thesis for research paper examples

Reviewing good examples of research paper thesis statements as mentioned above enhance your learning and writing process. Review the following examples from different essays.

Example 1

Topic: Will to Believe

The Will to Believe makes an assertion about of belief without prior evidence of its truth. Its philosophy is mainly based on defending rationality of religious faith and even lacks sufficient evidence of religious truth…… view the full essay above here.

Example 2

Topic: Crisis Communications


Roughly, each day, government corporations and organizations as well as people from different parts of the globe come across situations they consider a crisis. …………….


Communication with the general public is of great significance in the event of a crisis as it helps to maintain the reputation of a band. Today, the opinion the public holds about brand is not influenced by what a person says but how he or she says it. Apologies and information is often received and accepted in modern day by the general public in social media quite differently compared to the past traditional communication methods…… here is the source of the thesis statement.

Example 3

Topic: Families

The family is depicted by US media as being comprised of a father, mother and children. Even so, this notion of the traditional family is outdated. It is not useful to children and it can harmful to them especially those who look at this as a gold standard. The U.S media should as a result, expand and redefine traditional American family to include extended, divorced, remarried parents and same gender based families. By doing so, this will increase the sense of happiness and well-being across the U.S and more specifically among kids whose families do not field the mold necessarily…… click here to read the whole essay.

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