How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper

How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper

Knowing how to write a thesis for a research paper is imperative for all college students. A research thesis is a statement that makes an assertion about a given subject or topic. It predicts how a research paper topic will be developed. It explores the topic and not just stating it.

A research paper thesis carries same characteristics as a thesis for non-research papers. However, the difference lies in the fact that you need to gather information and supporting evidence from valid sources based on your stance on the topic. Even though sources of information offer details that informs and supports your research thesis, the ideas should be your own and more specifically, they should present your way of thinking based on the topic you are analyzing.

How to write a thesis statement for a research paper

Before writing a thesis for a research paper, you should understand that the statement should focus all your information and ideas for the paper. This means that you should carry out extensive research before formulating your thesis. Note that the depth of your research is far much important than its breadth and it is always the hallmark for a research paper that stands out.

Therefore, create a thesis for a research paper by ordering and specifying your information categories. For instance, the following thesis offers the main argument of a writer and it focuses on the research by specifying and ordering reasons for their stance.

Example 1…training of working in basic skills is now a necessity based on lower writing and reading levels of the workforce. With the fact that a person who enters the workforce at the moment will often change jobs, the shift from manufacturing to service sectors and the more comprehensive abstract nature of those service jobs.

Example 2…competency based management is logical, practical and accessible to workers and managers,

Example 3; The Royal Roads University is unique among top post secondary institutions in Vancouver Island, because of its Hatley Castle, educational programs, wildlife and history.

From the above thesis statements, you can get an idea of how to write a thesis for a research paper. A research thesis from the two examples clearly shows that a thesis is your proposed answer to a given research question, that you should finalize only after completing your research.

Most importantly, you should always shape your research thesis to fit or match the question you wish to answer. Your thesis can take different forms including

  • Simply stating your opinion
  • Indicating reasons or categories or
  • Showing two aspects of a given topic and emphasizing on one

Guidelines to writing a thesis for a research paper

There are different approaches that can help you understand how to write a thesis for a research paper that stands out. You need to

  • Take a look at your statement of purpose.
  • Evaluate the kind of information you collected while carrying out your research and take notes
  • Decide on the kind of statement at hand and settle for the one you can sufficiently prove
  • Write that as your thesis statement
  • When writing a research thesis, you will notice that it is a very simple process. However, ensure that the statement is not just a simple fact but something that you can fully support with evidence from a wide range of reliable sources. Therefore, you can approach your research thesis by
  • Defining the problem and stating the reasons behind your opinion or stance
  • Discussing the present state of the problem or issue and making predictions of how it can be solved
  • Putting forth a possible solution to the issue
  • Looking at a topic or an issue from an interesting and a new perspective
  • Theorize how to write a thesis for a research paper and how oy cam ne different today if something had not taken place in the past
  • Make a comparison of two or more similar things and rate them (colleges, books, computers or cars)
  • Put out your ideas on how something is the way it is, or was influenced to be the way it is or was

How do you write a strong thesis for a research paper?

You do not just write a thesis for your research paper, you must always write a strong thesis statement by

Asking yourself whether you have answered the research question therefore, re-read your question prompt to create a working thesis statement to help fix an argument or claim that loses the focus of your research question

Determine whether you have taken a position that others can oppose or challenge. If your thesis statement states simply facts that nobody could disagree with, then it is not a thesis but a summary. Take time to make an argument.

Know how to write a thesis for a research paper that is specific. Avoid statements that are too vague and with a strong argument. Avoid statements like successful and good in your thesis. Instead, give reasons as to why something is good or specify the reasons that make something successful

Determine whether the thesis will pass, and if so, then what? Your thesis statement should generate a ‘’so what’’ response from the target audience. In this case, you have to clarify and build a relationship that connects to a larger issue.

Ask yourself whether the essay supports the thesis statement without wondering. If they do not match, you can either change the statement or the direction of your essay. Often, it is always easy to change the working thesis to reflect things you are going to talk about in your paper.

You should also determine whether your thesis will pass why and how tests. If the response of the reader is why and how, then your thesis is open- ended and it doesn’t give guidance to target audience. Therefore, take time to see what you can add to the thesis to give readers a better idea of the position you are taking right from the beginning.

Similarly, ensure that you do not go overboard in your writing. Ensure your thesis reflects your true opinion and not an exaggerated version of it. Do not commit yourself to ideas and opinions which, you do not really want to be responsible for or believe because you may end up contradicting yourself.

Last but not least, always focus further in your writing. Ensure your thesis covers just the topic you are analyzing.

Editing your thesis for a research paper

With the above guidelines, you now have an idea of how to write a thesis for a research paper that stands out. The last step is to edit your thesis by

Copy editing

  • Proofread your thesis once more
  • Check the thesis for all mechanical errors including spelling
  • Ensure that you write complete sentences
  • Check punctuation and subject verb agreement as well as consistency of tense

Content editing

  • Ensure your thesis is logical
  • Ensure it is relevant and not redundant
  • Check for style or approach to ensure it matches the type of research paper you are working on
  • Avoid ambiguity by
  • Getting rid of nested clauses,
  • Eliminating double negatives, dangling participles and phrases carrying the same idea in the same sentence
  • Ensure that the verb and subject agree in number
  • Be keen on compound subjects and more specifically within clauses
  • Avoid the use of qualitative adjectives when describing quantifiable concepts
  • Avoid noun strings and unexplained acronyms

It is also wise that you master how to write a thesis for a research paper that is short and clear. The purpose of your writing should focus on a short paper that contains all significant information that describes your work and supports your interpretation. The rule of thumb as a result is to avoid all irrelevant tangents and repetition.

Examples of thesis statements in different papers

Example 1: The Major Types of Tundra Biome

Biomes are large and naturally occurring flora and fauna communities that occupy major habitats. The Tundra is however the coldest in the words and it was named after the Finnish word, tunturia, meaning, and treeless plain. The Tundra Biome is further divided into two areas the arctic tundra and the alpine tundra.

The Tundra is well known for extremely low temperatures and with short and reproduction seasons……… click here to read the rest of the thesis statement.

Example 2

Topic: Disabilities

Disability refers to mental and physical challenges that a person can be involved in………………as a matter of fact, the physically challenged include the deaf, crippled, and even individuals with motor challenges among others. …… sourced from

Example 3

Topic: Proctor and Gamble five forces analysis

Proctor and Gamble is one of the leading global companies that deal in a wide range of household products. It has been successful because of the quality of its products and experience in the market……… sourced from

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