How to Write a Term Paper

How to Write a Term Paper

It is crucial that you know how to write a term paper in order to enhance your academic performance.      Term papers make a greater contribution to the overall grades, hence, there is every reason for you to know how to write the best for every assignment. Herein, we will offer you easy-to-use guidelines and examples to assist you in mastering the art of how to write a term paper without any problem.

A term paper can simply be defined as an academic assignment whereby you are required to give an account or discuss a subject. Term papers vary from one topic and even course to another. However, you will always be asked to write term papers for all courses regardless of the one that you are pursuing at the end of every academic semester.

By knowing how to write a term paper, you can always be sure of improved grades, thereby giving an uplift to your overall performance. Besides, good term paper writing skills will also help you even after school in employment. On the other hand, you will also be able to significantly enhance your communication skills.

Term papers usually vary in length and even tone based on various factors like subject, areas to be covered among others. However, they are generally short not exceeding five pages in most occasions.

Guidelines on how to write a term paper

In order to master the art of how to write a term paper, it is very important to note that uniqueness and quality should be given precedence. The following are more tips to guide you on how to create an outstanding term paper.

Choose a topic

The first step in tackling a term paper assignment is picking a topic to discuss. However, there are instances that you will be given specific instructions on the subject to cover in an assignment.

If you are given the opportunity of choosing a topic, take advantage of it and go for one that you have an interest in. The subject should be one that you can find information on and easily discuss.

A topic is often too broad in the initial stages, therefore, you should narrow down to an aspect that is relevant to the assignment. In order to deliver a unique paper, look for various angles that could give your work a different but cohesive approach.

Do research on the subject

The best way to finding compelling content for a term paper is conducting thorough research. Through this, you will be able to get relevant information that will assist in building a better argument in the paper.

In doing your research, ensure that you establish the background information, current thinking as well as the possibility of future research on the topic.

Even if the subject is one that seems too obvious and easy to work on, it is advisable that you consider doing some research on it to establish what other authors have covered on the same. Try to make comparisons on different term papers about the topic in order to acquire ideas.

Unless you are instructed to use specific reference materials for the term paper, you are free to research from both online and offline sources.

While doing the research, be sure to take notes on the points that stand out from the sources and can help in writing your paper.

Refine the thesis statement

A thesis statement is a single and strong idea about the topic of choice that your discussion will be based on. It is the assertion or argument that you intend to defend in the paper, hence, has to be well thought of and crafted.

It would be advisable that you develop a thesis statement from a unique angle in order to give the paper a different feel from the obvious.

The idea that you settle on should be one that you can clearly explain to conclusion.

Draft an outline for the term paper

Although many students often assume this step, it is critical in the process of knowing how to write a term paper. An outline shows the ideas that you plan to discuss in the paper and also the order in which they will be covered.

An outline will help you to remember the direction to pursue in writing the paper and also the aspects to highlight in every stage.

Steps on how to write a term paper

A typical term paper should include three parts; introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion or summary. Below are the basic steps on how to write a term paper with ease.


The introductory paragraph should provide a general view of the topic discussed in the paper. It is where you need to point out some of the facts or ideas that the readers should keep in mind throughout the paper.

Your introduction should be straightforward, clear and well-crafted to hook the reader. In tapping the reader’s appetite, you can use quotes, questions, anecdotes or strong facts about the topic of discussion.

At the end of the introduction, you should skillfully link the thesis statement to the body paragraphs.

The body

In the body of the paper, you are required to give a detailed analysis and clarification of the topic. This is the section where you will need to provide the evidence to back up your claim or assertion outlined in the thesis statement.

For instance, if you were asked to write a term paper on the benefits of solar power, you should clearly discuss every advantage as obtained from the research. In order to make your work neat, discuss every idea on a different paragraph.

It is important to give examples or actual quotes from experts on the subject within the body paragraphs to give the argument more weight.

As you advance in writing the body paragraphs, always keep checking the requirements of the assignment so that you do not lose track. Keep the discussion relevant and convincing.


The end or summary of the paper should also be written skillfully so that readers are not left in the balance. It should be strong enough to clearly indicate the importance of reading the paper.

The best approach to take in writing a good term paper conclusion is the ROCC method. This implies that you should restate the thesis statement, highlight an outstanding detail contained in the last paragraph, fill in any remaining gaps in the discussion and leave the readers with something to think about.

For all the quotes or ideas borrowed from other sources that have been used in the term paper, you must ensure that each is well referenced in the required style or format. The most common formats include APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian. The best one to use for your paper will be based on the given instructions.

Always take time to carefully proofread and edit the paper after writing in order to deliver flawless work.

Term paper Examples

With well written term paper samples, you can also be able to easily know how to write a term paper. The following are created by experts and can offer you a more vivid view of how a good term paper should be written.

Example 1

How the Internet Has Influenced the Nature of Community Involvement in Development Decisions

‘’Community development entails the co-operation and coordination of stakeholders, including the government and community members in the creation of programs, establishments and institutions for promotion of social well-being and socio-economic development. Members of the society’s adequate involvement in community development is a significant aspect since it confirms the democratic nature of that process, besides securing suitability of the development plans, agendas, results as well as processes to the needs of the community…’’

Read the rest of this sample term paper here.

Example 2

Role of Christian Monasticism in Western Civilization

‘’During the age of Charlemagne, Christianity and the church went through tremendous revival in the West (Butt, 2002, p.194). It is also during this time that arts, music, literature and education experienced revival. Although Charlemagne’s death and division of his empire impacted the deterioration of several political and social organizations, the church, arts and education were carried onto the 11th C when they were fully recovered…’’

Find the entire term paper excerpt on this here

Example 3

Freedom of Information Act

‘’The Freedom of Information Act is a law that gives American citizens the authority to gain access to information that any of them might need from the federal government. Most people describe it as the law that keeps the masses in the know regarding their government. According to the law, you are able to make a request for certain information about government business or activities and be allowed access to them. The Freedom of Information Act has been considered by many as one of the critical pillars of American democracy…’’

Click on this link to view the rest of this sample paper.

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