How to Write a Term Paper Fast

How to Write a Term Paper Fast

Being a student, you should know how to write a term paper fast because there will always be a time when you will be left behind the schedule of the end-of-term assignments. A term paper refers to a research paper that students write over the academic term and it accounts for a large portion of their grade- Generally, term papers are aimed at describing a concept, an event or argue a specific point.

A term paper can also be described as a concisely written and documented paper that has a reasonable length and its writing requires a student to identify, analyze, interpret and draw conclusions from opinions of the other people and facts- Writing a term paper takes time because you must obtain information or data from different sources that include reference books, dictionaries and encyclopedias, scholarly journals, indexes of special subjects, newspapers and books. The obtained information should be analyzed and organized logically as properly developed ideas.

A guide on how to write a term paper fast

The main reason why you should know how to write a term paper fast is because you have a tight deadline that you must beat while submitting the paper. Therefore, writing a term paper fast entails setting the amount of time to spend on each task of writing the term paper.

Here are the steps that you should follow when writing a term paper quickly:

  • Relax

Relaxing your mind is very important before you start writing your term paper. However, relaxing does not mean that you grab a beer and enjoy drinking it as you sit comfortably on a sofa. It simply means you calm down so that you can focus on the task that awaits you. Take approximately 15 minutes to relax and then focus on writing your term paper.

  • Select a topic for your term paper

The topic that you pick for your term paper should be interesting to you and considerably broad. Choose a topic that has adequate research that was conducted previously by other scholars- This is because when writing a last minute term paper, you are not reinventing something new. You are simply analyzing the research of other people and using your words to present your analysis in a term paper. Therefore, take another 15 minutes to select a topic for your term paper.

  • Develop a strong thesis statement

After relaxing and selecting a topic, it is now time to pay attention to the thesis statement of your term paper. A thesis statement will keep your writing and research focused on the topic. Therefore, this is a vital part of writing the term paper. Spend time reading through the database of journal articles that you can access such as Google scholar- While reading the theses that you find in such databases, save quotes and citations from relevant articles that you find there. Take 45 minutes to develop your thesis statement.

  • Outline your term paper

Outlining a term paper saves time when it comes to writing it. Therefore, come up with a basic outline that includes the thesis statement, topic sentences and the conclusion.

  • Write a strong introduction

Everybody who knows how to write a term paper fast knows the essence of starting a term paper with a strong introduction. An introduction that grabs professor’s attention while focusing the term paper on your topic will convince the professor that you spent adequate time writing it. Therefore, take 15 minutes to come up with great introduction sentences before writing a thesis statement.

  • Defend the thesis of your paper

Take 30 minutes to brainstorm for ideas or reasons for supporting your thesis. Think about any reason that should convince the professor that you are making a valid claim or argument. Write your major arguments down since they will be the supporting paragraphs of your term paper. Ensure that every argument becomes your mini-thesis for supporting your main thesis.

  • Conduct your research

You might waste time in this part of writing a term paper if you are not careful. To write your term paper quickly, take about 2 hours conducting research. In some cases, professors specify the number of minimum references that should be included in the bibliography. Make sure that the specified number is your minimum number. Therefore, log into the library database of your college and start your research on the topic. While conducting research, try to note down quotations in an organized manner as per the mini-thesis identified in step 5. If you come across more arguments, add them in the list and their supporting ideas. Take relevant and detailed notes while conducting research-

  • Write your term paper

You should take about 4 hours in writing the term paper. Select the best arguments and include them in the introduction of the supporting paragraphs. Ensure that the arguments that you include in your term paper convinces the professor that you have a true thesis and valid arguments to support it. Think about the weak spots of your arguments and work on them to keep the arguments tight. Ensure that your paper is flawless. Note that you can easily get stuck as you start writing. However, do not worry about the argument process and sentence structure. Instead, focus on writing ideas in a logical manner with the main argument acting as your writing prompt.

  • Think about the opposing ideas

Take at least 1 hour to think about the opinions of critics and cite them in your term paper. This is very important because it strengthens your term paper since it shows that you comprehend and acknowledge other viewpoints. It also indicates that you have taken time to think about and research on the topic. Additionally, it shows that you can answer to any objection.

  • Summarize the thesis statement of your term paper

After completing the term paper, restate your thesis statement in the conclusion. Include some supporting ideas that were used in the body paragraphs in a brief manner. Ensure that after reading your term paper, the professor will have something that requires him/her to think about. Writing a conclusion should take you 30 minutes.

  • Revise your term paper

After writing the term paper, edit it thoroughly. Take about 1 hour to remove anything that does not support the thesis statement of your term paper. Eliminate passive verbs such as “to-be”. Ensure that your term paper has action-oriented words in most parts. If there are paragraphs or sentences that weaken your arguments, remove them. Ensure that what you leave in the paper makes the arguments clear and easy to comprehend.

Additional tips on how to write a term paper fast

There are many distractions that may hinder you from writing your term paper fast. However, these hints on how to write a term paper fast will enable you to keep those distractions away:

  • Stay away from your bed

Avoid soft furnishings and warmth while writing a term paper fast. The place where you write from should not have savvy ergonomics because excess comfort will hinder you from concentrating on making your argument.

  • Avoid sleeping too much

Taking a short nap and drinking coffee will keep you awake and enhance your writing process. Therefore, when writing a term paper under pressure, take a nap for about 15 minutes if necessary. Set an alarm before taking a nap to avoid oversleeping.

  • Eat light meals

There is no food that is perfect in promoting alertness- However, sugary drinks and fatty, heavy meals are not good at combating sleepiness.

  • Indulge in the analysis

Write as if you are convincing a very stubborn professor. Instead of overloading your term paper with examples, present a few examples that you already have in a creative way. Ensure details rather than perfecting examples because you will have time for editing.

  • Format your term paper

Most professors specify the format to follow when writing a term paper. Therefore format the term paper accordingly before submitting it. If you are required to include in-text citations, check to ensure that you have included them properly.

  • Use sample term papers

Using term paper samples can give you ideas that will enable you to come up with a great term paper. Therefore, look for great term paper samples and use them as your writing guide.

Here are links to sample term papers that you can easily access on the internet:

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