How to Write a Science Research Paper

How to Write a Science Research Paper

You can always know how to write a science research paper quite easily with professional advice. As you will discover in this section, writing a science research paper is almost similar to other assignments that you often do at school. However, the importance of better paper writing skills goes beyond just enhancing academic performance. Read on to discover how to craft unique and impeccable research papers for science assignments.

A science research paper is an academic paper or article that details the processes and results of a study. Such a paper will require you to conduct a research and give the results as obtained from the activity. This means that you will be required to give information about the tools of the study, procedures and also the outcomes. Besides, you will also be required to detail the relevance of the study to your readers.

Knowing how to write a science research paper entails proper attention to details, accuracy and paper writing skills. Besides, the study should be presented in an orderly and logical format that readers can easily read and relate to.

Tips on how to write a science research paper

Many students have the perception that mastering the art of how to write a science research paper is a task that consumes a lot of time. However, you will find out that it is quite easy with the following guidelines.

Conduct proper background study on the subject

In order to have a compelling paper with adequate information, it is always advisable that you first take time to get more information about the research. This will help you to have a better understanding of the requirements of the study and assignment.

In order to get a better direction on how to go about writing the paper, it is important that you look at samples of recently done science research papers. It would be good if you obtained those written on the same subject or experiment as yours.

Avoid obtaining or even using information from sources that are unreliable since that would discredit the credibility of the paper.

Take notes

In the process of obtaining information from other sources about the study, it is critical that you take notes so as to easily remember what to include in the paper. However, this does not mean that you have to note every detail acquired from those sources.

Only put down the outstanding details that are related to the experiment and can support your argument in the paper.

Some of the most important points to note include:

  • History of the same kind of experiments or inventions
  • Definitions of all the key phrases and concepts that describe your research
  • Answers to the questions of your background experiment plan
  • Any mathematical formulas that will be used in the illustration of the research’s outcomes.

Create a draft

Before you start writing the research paper, it is always advisable that you come up with an outline showing how the points will be presented.

In the draft, you should indicate all the key arguments or information that is to be addressed in the paper. However, they should be presented in point form since they are only meant to guide you on how to table an argument in the proper order.

It is also important that you carefully read the instructions of the assignment in order to know what is required, including the format for writing.

Step-by-step procedures on how to write a science research paper

As pointed out above, there is a particular avenue that you have to pursue in order to effectively know how to write a science research paper. Below are the basic steps that should guide you on how to write a good research paper.


Your research paper should always have a title describing the discussion. A good title should always be short, simple and specific to the subject of the research or experiment. Do not include a title that is too ambiguous or technical since that would give a bad perception on the content of the paper to readers.


The abstract too should be short. An abstract is a paragraph at the start of the paper meant to give the readers a preview of what to expect. In some papers, an abstract can be written in a different page while in others it may be in the same page as the introduction.

The abstract should be written in simple language that readers can read and grasp easily without being dissuaded. However, it should summarize the aim, methods, results and conclusions of the experiment.


The introduction of the scientific research paper should answer the question that you asked in the experiment. Besides, it needs to present concepts that are relevant to your study.

You should also give the background of your experiment while focussing on the key issues.

Body paragraphs     

The body is also another very important section of the paper that you should be keen on in the event of writing. On this part, you need to clearly explain the processes of the experiment.

In order to present your work in proper format, it would be ideal to create subheadings to illustrate the various requirements and stages of the study. For instance, you can have subtitles like materials, methods, results, table and graphs, acknowledgement among others.

The body of the paper should be comprehensive such that other people can easily refer to it when conducting similar experiments in the future.

Avoid very long paragraphs and sentences since those may be difficult for readers to understand. You should also consider using bullets, italics and boldface in order to give your paper a better appeal.

In case you have used tables and graphs to present data, they have to be well labelled. Even if you have included pictures, it is important to ensure that each is well captioned for clarity.

In discussing the experiment, highlight on the most important aspects without simply repeating what is contained in the results section. If the results were unexpected, give an explanation to support the outcomes.

If your results still pose certain questions that need further research, you should point that out in the discussion.

At the end of the discussion, it is necessary to also give the readers a bigger picture of the experiment or how it relates to them.

The way your discussion of the experiment is presented can easily tell whether you know how to write a science research paper or not. Therefore, you have to be keen on ensuring that the aspects of accuracy and clarity are enhanced.


This should come last in the research paper and show all the sources that you obtained information for the experiment from.

Clearly indicate the references, giving direct links to all the sources of information.

The best format for a science research paper should follow the sequence below;

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion/ conclusion
  • Bibliography

After writing the paper, take time to proofread and edit it in order to remove any mistakes that might have been made during the writing process.

Examples of Science Research Papers

It is also recommended that you look at excerpts of science papers to enable you understand properly how to write a science research paper. The following paper samples have been done by professionals and can vividly show you how to deliver a good paper.

Example 1

Behavioural Study of Obedience

‘’There are little facts regarding the role of obedience when doing evil acts up until now (1961). Most of the theories argue that only people who are very disturbed engage in horrible actions if they get an order to do so. Our experiment tested the obedience of people to authority. The results indicated that a large number obey all orders given by those in authority. We concluded that when it comes to people causing harm to others, the situation where an individual is takes precedence to other previous thoughts. Unlike earlier belief, individual characteristics are of less importance…’’

You can read the entire sample here.

Example 2

A Role for Parasites in Stabilising the Fig-Pollinator Mutualism

‘’Mutualisms are inter-specific interactions whereby both players benefit. Explaining their maintenance is not very easy since cheaters should outcompete cooperative conspecifics, resulting into mutualism instability. Monoecious figs (Ficus) are pollinated by host specific wasps (Agaonidae), whose larvae gall ovules in the ‘fruits’ (syconia)…’’

Read the whole paper here.

Example 3

Sample Scientific Research paper

‘’Just as animals around the globe have evolved to be able to survive in their environments, botanical life has also been pushed to grow and adapt to their habitats. Every plant- ranging from the smallest strain of seaweed to the largest redwood has managed to become what it is today as a result of several years for optimal growth…’’

Click this page to read the rest of this sample science research paper.

We hope the above guidelines will help you know how to write a science research paper without difficulties. However if you need additional assistance on simply talk to us for the best. Alternatively, you can also refer to our homepage to find out more on the online academic research paper writing services that we offer.