How to Write a Research Report

How to Write a Research Report

Are you one of the many who don’t know how to write a research report or somehow face challenges in writing one? Do not fret. Face it even if it takes your crucial working or learning time. Start by understanding what a research report is and how to go about the entire writing procedure. A research report is properly written to communicate findings or results of researchers and analysts to help accumulate knowledge. Research reports are typically used in sciences, psychology, engineering and related fields.

A research report follows the same writing format like other related research papers. It is wise to think about how craft quality research report at every stage of the research process or activity. Remember a research report is a collection of numerous facets of experimentation and there are features that make it stand out.

Knowing how to write a research report will go a long way in ensuring you excel in your studies and have a smooth time while in school. This means you have to be aware of the requirements of a research report. In case of any difficulties, writing help is a click away on your favorite writing website and also from tutors and friends.

Four Things to to Help you Know how to Write a Research Report

Research experience is not far off to professional problem-solving undertaking regardless of the field one is pursuing. It presents an exposure to research methodologies and a chance to work tirelessly with professional writers and other experts out there. Preparing research reports requires a lot of time and determined mind. In addition, there are a number of things to keep in mind and rest assured of a great report. They include;

  • Ensure you understand what a research report entails– Unclear assignments have made many learners fail in their endeavors. It is not a wise move to undertake a task that you are not well versed with. If you are not sure of what a research report intends you to do, you should consider advice or help from your experienced friends, tutors or other experts available.
  • Understand the common rules that make research report writing easier– There are common writing rules that make it easy to come up with a quality research report. You have to master the usage of space in basic text. The research report body should be divided into certain sub-sections that include chapters and divisions.
  • Do not copy your research report– Plagiarizing another writers works is a punishable deed and it can also ruin your reputation. Original work and idea is normally protected by the copyright law. It is easy to avoid plagiarism as you master how to write a research report by doing a number of things;
    1. Citing a source whenever you use a borrowed idea in your report
    2. Have clear sources for your quotations
  • Choose a subject you are interested in for your research report– Come up with a clear and comprehensive statement of problem or project and the reason why you are undertaking it. There has to be a clear relation between the current research project and the limitation and scope of the earlier research making it easy to grasp the reasons for the project and the approach you go for.


Features That Make a Good Research Report

Research reports have objectives and purposes which can only be achieved if you are well acquainted with the features of a good research report. Knowing the following points will help you know how to write a research report with ease;

  1. Has to be reader-friendly– Readers are the core stakeholders who receive research reports generated by many writers out there. If the report that you come across is friendly, you will have time to read it or act upon it. A good research report writer as to make sure that, readers will be able to understand the report and know what they need to know.
  2. Has to be written in simple and easy to understand language– Research reports are meant to inform not to impress. It is necessary to use simple and easy to understand language. English makes a more reader-friendly report. To make this achievable, you have to write what is necessary, shun redundancy, give relevant data and compose correct sentences.
  3. Has to meet certain objectives– The purpose of the report is ascertained by analyzing the requirements of the reader. For a good project to be funded, a good report is the channel of information for the involved people to make decisions. It has to present facts and arguments that back the purpose of the research report.
  4. Is organized and well-structured– To effectively write a good research report, a good writer has to be well-versed with the format that the paper has to follow. The framework of your research report should be made up of the following;
      1. Title
      2. Abstract
      3. Introduction
      4. Theoretical analysis
      5. Results
      6. Discussion
      7. Summary and
      8. References
  5. Has to be resultcentered– Readers of research reports are interested in the results. You have to focus on the findings of your report to win the hearts of many readers. Every crucial issue has to be addressed in the report and in a factual and detailed manner.
  6. It has to be prepared on time and dispatched– Any information provided in the research report has to be timely produced and available for readers within the set deadline.

Helpful Tips on How to Write a Research Report

To present a winning research report, you have to know how to write a research report fruitfully. Meeting the deadline has always been a challenge for many writers, but not when you have planned, gathered enough material and have comprehensive tips on how to go about the entire writing process. It is attempting to dive right in and start writing, a good research report commences before you start drafting sentences.

It is quite essential to embrace every steps and take enough time to perfect your skills. Divide your time into a number of assignments and determine how to undertake the process effectively. Keep in mind that you have time for brainstorming, researching, making an outline, writing as well as editing and polishing your research report. Therefore, if you think you have enough time to find a better way to write your research report, you need to divide it suitably and carefully. Here is how to go about writing your research report;

  • Start by making an outline

A good outline acts as a road map to keep you on track as you write your report. Here, you have to organize your answers for your questions and the information you will cover in the paper.

  • Write your introduction

With your research report statement or topic and outline in hand, get down and start writing. In your thesis statement, you will outline exactly what your target audience would expect from your paper. Keep it between one or two paragraphs. Convey why the thesis statement is of interest in the opening paragraph. State the significance of the report and show how your research builds by expounding what is known about your thesis statement.

  • Give every paragraph in your body section the meaning its deserves

Every paragraph in your body section should clarify more on the research report. There should be relevant information that you are explaining. In addition, come up with examples to back your facts and evidences. Structure your findings cautiously in the literature review.

  • Outline what methodology to use in your research

Elaborate on what you did and how you did it in your report. Write in passive voice and leave a questionnaire where participants will give answers to given questions.

  • Give the findings of your research

Indicate what you found in your research, but do not interpret them.

  • Summarize your research report

Sum up all your crucial findings and do not incorporate new materials in this section. Keep in mind that a good conclusion is akin to an excellent introduction. Remind the reader what to gather from the research report by revisiting the big ideas. Make it brief and straight to the point.

  • Reference your work

Include all the references used in your research report. Record entire background information you have provided. By doing so, you will be save from any plagiarism cases or penalties.

  • Edit and polish your work

Counter check your entire paper and ensure that it is free from grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Below are some links to samples that will help you know how to write a research report with ease;

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It’s our hope that from the above guidelines you now know how to write a research report. However if you still find it a challenge for whatever reason, we are here to help.

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