How to Write a Research Paper for Middle School

How to Write a Research Paper for Middle School

The basics of how to write a research paper for middle school

As a student interested in knowing how to write a research paper for middle school, there are a couple key things to bear in mind. To start off, a research paper is used to explore and identify social, technical and scientific issues.

If you are writing a research paper for the first time, the process might seem daunting but with proper focus of mind and organization, it becomes easier. The paper cannot write itself therefore, you need to prepare well and plan in order to ensure everything comes out right.

Essential tips on how to write a research paper for middle school

Pick a topic

The first step to writing an impressive research paper is picking a topic that is in line with the requirements of your paper. For instance, if it is an English class paper, picking a topic on economics will not do unless it is approved by your teacher.

Also, the topic you pick should be precise. This is important because if you happen to pick a huge topic, you will not be able to get far especially if the research paper is small. For instance, a paper on slavery effects on southern states is very broad for a paper that is 2 to 5 pages in length. You can instead narrow the topic down to a topic that is more manageable.

More importantly, pick a topic that you can easily manage. Stay away from those that are too specialized, learned or technical and above all, do not pick topics that narrow down the resource materials you can use.

Gather information

If you really want to know how to write a research paper for middle school, you have to sharpen your research skills. Once you have identified a topic, embark on doing research work and use resources that are trustworthy. You can use books found online, print materials from libraries and other online resources.

While gathering resources, write full bibliographical information (title, publication date, URLs, modification dates, date you accessed the information, publication place and page numbers) on a work sheet to be retrieved later. Bear in mind that an article that does not have bibliographical information is of no use as you cannot cite the source.

The research paper on Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness is the perfect example of a well written paper. By reviewing the sample, you should be able to borrow an idea or two on how to write a research paper for middle school.

Write the thesis

The thesis is supposed to explain what the topic of your paper is and highlights the problem you are attempting to answer. Ideally, the thesis statement should be part of the last sentence of the introduction. It should be written in one or two sentences and it is more of a declaration of your stand. Your research paper therefore should contain arguments that defend and support your stand.

Come up with an outline

All the points you make in the paper should relate to your topic. An ideal outline will look something like this:

  1. Introduction-Brief comment that leads to subject matter-(a thesis statement on Shakespeare)
  2. Body-The early life of Shakespeare, works, marriage and his later years.
  1. Early Life-Stratford
  1. Shakespeare’s family
  1. Father
  2. Mother
  1. His marriage
  1. Anne Hathway’s life
  2. Reference in his poems
  1. His works
  1. Plays
  1. Tragedies
  1. Romeo and Juliet
  2. Hamlet
  1. Comedies
  1. Much Ado about Nothing
  2. The Tempest
  1. Histories
  1. Henry VIII
  2. Richard III
  • King John
  1. His later years
  1. Last 2 plays
  2. Retirement to Stratford
  1. Death
  2. Burial
  1. Conclusion
  1. Analytical summary
  1. His early life
  2. His works
  3. Later years
  1. Thesis reworded
  2. Conclusion

The first thing you need to come up with while writing your middle school paper is an outline. This is attributed to the fact it makes it easy for you to organize your thoughts and the topic carefully before you begin the process of writing. As a matter of fact, an excellent outline is the most crucial step writing an impressive paper.

Check the outline to ensure the points you have covered flow in a logical manner from one to the next. Your outline should also include an introduction, body and conclusion. Having a good outline shows you know how to write a research paper for middle school.

Points to remember

  • Introduction-This is your first paragraph and it is supposed to give the reader some background information. Hence, if the topic of your paper is slavery, the introduction should be about slavery in the US and the duration it lasted. Ensure you clearly state the purpose and thesis of the paper clearly in the introduction. Also, state the manner in which you will approach the topic. Is it a comparison, factual report, problem analysis or book review? Briefly, explain the main points you will discuss in the paper and the reason readers ought to be interested in the topic.
  • Body-The body is supposed to contain your arguments that are in support of the thesis statement. Work with the rule of 3 which means finding three supporting arguments for every stance you take. Start with an argument that is strong, back it up with an even stronger one and end the point with your strongest argument.
  • Conclusion-This is where you are supposed to reword or restate your thesis. Arguments should be summarized in this instance as well. Also, explain reasons that made you arrive at that given conclusion.

Organize thoughts

Organizing the information gathered in accordance to your outline is a good indicator that you know how to write a research paper for middle school. Next, analyze the research material critically and only use the best possible resources. You should also check the information for accuracy and to ensure it is factual, correct and up-to-date.

If there are opposing views that support the thesis statement, use them as well. Note this is one of the most crucial stages in writing your research paper. You are supposed to analyze, sort, synthesize and digest information gathered so as to learn something from it that can be used in your paper.

Information that is irrelevant to your paper’s topic should not be included. Also, exclude information that is difficult or hard to understand. If possible, ensure the gathered information is recorded carefully through your own words.

You cannot afford to deliver a plagiarized paper. Therefore, all ideas and quotes borrowed must be used accurately. The research paper on Iraq-Iran War is also another great sample that you can put to use to sharpen your writing capabilities.

Write the first draft

Begin with the very first topic that is in your outline. You can either quote directly, summarize or paraphrase every idea you intend to use in the essay. The technique that you use should be suitable to the kind of paper you are writing. Mark paragraphs or sentences you want to edit or re-check later but make sure you delete it once done with the editing.

Revise the outline and draft

For you to come up with a research paper for middle school that is impressive, you should revise your draft and outline. Check the paper for content errors. Double check figures and facts and ensure the ideas are arranged and rearranged to follow an outline. Use the checklist below to determine whether you have gotten it right:

  • Is your thesis statement clear and concise?
  • Did you follow your outline or miss something?
  • Are your arguments presented in a sequence that is logical?
  • Are the sources cited properly to avoid plagiarism?
  • Have you proven your thesis by presenting supporting arguments that are solid?
  • Have you made your points and intentions clear?

The last draft

Before you write the final draft, re-read your assignment sheet to ensure you are fully aware of what you are expected to deliver. This will also help you determine whether you have met the specifications set by your professor.

Take time to carefully proofread the research paper for duplicated or missing words, spelling errors and punctuation mistakes. It is ideal to ensure the paper is ready one or two days before the deadline. This will ease your mind and give you additional time to counter check the paper before you hand it in.

You can also check out this example on VoIP to see how such papers are written.

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